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Advertise Your Fundraising Company

We offer a proven advertising program that will provide your fundraising company immediate visibility, significant increase in traffic, and instant sales leads from the very first day of your contract. We are not involved in actual fundraising nor do we have a financial interest in any companies listed on our sites.

What We Offer

Listings: Your site will be listed on a single product category page and the state/province page where your primary office is located; you will also be listed in the same product category in our free downloadable 'Fundraiser Resource Guide'.

Site Traffic:  Through October 31st of 2017, our site had 415,244 unique visitors, 940,468 visits and 1,546,748 page views.  While visitors included all types of fundraising groups, the majority are school groups, sports teams, church groups, day cares, animal rescue, and other organizations who use fundraisers to help support their programs. Could your site benefit from this exposure?

Sales Leads: Through October 31st of 2017, we sent our advertisers 803 sales leads. This is in addition to the sales leads generated on their own sites resulting from their listing on the Fundraising Ideas & Products Center. What would converting just a few of these sales leads be worth? Individual sales leads are sent throughout the day as they are received, with a summary forwarded weekly in text and Excel format.

Newsletter: Free single issue listing with each annual renewal.

Listing Fee:  $350.00 for 12 months; $250.00 for 6 months. Minimum initial listing is 6 months.

Optional Advertising

Additional Product Categories: Available for an additional $125.00 per year; $85.00 for 6 months.

Icon/Logo: A logo or icon can be placed next to your listing in the product category and geographic listings for $50 for 12 months; $37.50 for 6 months.  If you have multiple product listings, a single charge includes all listings as long as the same icon/logo is used. [maximum of 50 x 50 pixels]  (See icons to the left of listing texts)

Banners: Placement for a customer supplied banner is $250.00 for one year; $175.00 for 6 months. Includes virtually all site pages with the exception of the home page. Rotation is limited to a maximum of 30 banners [468x60 pixels, 40K]. Each banner has been displayed over 11,100 times each month during 2014. (See banner - upper right hand side of page)

Newsletter: Fundraising News From Around the World, a monthly on-line newsletter, is sent to 24,000+ subscribers.  Most recent newsletter. We offer two advertising options:

1.  Advertisers can have their logo or other icon (100x100 pixel maximum) and up to a 10-word text in addition to the company name under the image, placed down the left side of the newsletter. The company name will be linked to the advertisers site. Prices are $40 or $20, depending on the issue. ($40 for January through May and September through November. $20 for June through August and December). Advertisers are listed in the order they reserve their listings. Advertisers who have a standard listing receive a free listing each time they renew for 12 months. Hyphenated words count as two words. Standalone numbers count as a word. The phone number counts as one word. Standard capitalization and punctuation, i.e., no all capped words, bold/italic text, etc. 

2.  Advertisers can have a sponsored listing that will be placed at the top of the newsletter.  It can have company logo or other image (780 x 200 pixel maximum) with link to your site. Prices are $75 or $37.50, depending on the issue. ($75 per month for January through May and September through November. $37.50 per month for June through August and December).

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Red = Taken ~~~ Green = Available

Free Listings

We are unable to offer free listings, nor do we participate in a reciprocal link program. You will see a number of smaller listings at the bottom of the product category and state/province pages that do no have links, phone numbers or email addresses. These were initially populated from the All Fundraising Companies Directory which was merged into this site. If you find one of these listings for your site that is incorrect please send us an email noting the name of the site and product category and we will promptly remove it. We are unable to modify such listings at this time. The only option is removal.

Additional Information

Call Larry Hollingsworth at 904-215-5877 or send an email. We hope to hear from you soon!