Calendar Fundraiser

Calendars have long been a fundraising staple; after all, every home needs at least one calendar, right? Calendars are very adaptable to almost any type of fundraising organization. Animal welfare groups LOVE to sell calendars with photos of all the beautiful animals they have rescued. Environmental organizations have almost unlimited options for beautiful photographs of Mother Nature at her finest. I’m sure you can think of lots of pictures (or at least 12!) that your organization could use for a custom calendar. And that’s just wall calendars, that’s not even considering desk calendars, pocket planners, blotter calendars, daily affirmation calendars, tear-away calendars- think of the fundraising possibilities! There are many printing, publishing and software companies out there ready to help you create and customize the perfect fundraising calendar for your group. The companies below offer some quality calendar fundraising programs which could be perfect for your next fundraiser.