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Professional Wrestling Fundraiser

Professional wrestling fundraisers will differentiate your group from product sales and spaghetti dinners. They can be quite profitable and offer your supporters the opportunity to interact with some of the many wrestlers they have seen on television. You will need a fairly large venue such as a tent, fairground, or auditorium. The vendor you select will provide detailed information and helpful hints on how to advertise and produce your fundraiser. Regardless of which one you select, don't fail to raise additional funds with add-ons such as food sales, mementos, etc. The companies below offer a variety of professional wrestling fundraising ideas for your next fundraiser.

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Professional Wrestling Fundraiser Companies

The Florida Wrestling Alliance - Pro wrestling is the most popular form of fundraising and we have several ideas to fit your needs and budget. If you have dedicated members who will work hard to get the word out, the sky's the limit! We offer the unique experience of supporting your organization alongside a live FWA professional wrestling event. A family oriented wrestling promotion that provides quality fun for all ages. Many on our roster are well known throughout the state of Florida. Most of all, our goal is to simply provide fun for our fans. Email us.

American States Wrestling Alliance ( - If you ever have the chance to experience the excitement of an professional wrestling fundraiser, don't pass up the opportunity to enjoy a great night of fun and entertainment for the whole family.

Brew City Wrestling ( - Our 36 years of experience, professional wrestling fundraisers & history is what sets us apart from other pro wrestling groups.

East Coast Professional Wrestling ( - Why not set yourself apart and use the power of professional wrestling to help raise funds for your cause?

Florida Wrestling Alliance Wrestling ( is a family oriented professional wrestling fundraiser that provides quality fun for all ages. Most of all, our goal is to simply provide fun for our fans.

Impact Pro Wrestling ( - We have assisted numerous charitable organizations in their fundraising efforts with our professional fundraising events.

MCW Pro Wrestling ( - Are you tired of boring bake sales and ridiculous raffles? Let MCW become the heavyweight wrestling champion of your fundraising needs.

Northeast Wrestling ( - Contact us if your organization looking for a fun and profitable professional wrestling fundraiser for perhaps a youth oriented or special community project!

Traditional Championship Wrestling ( - We bring the action of family friendly pro wrestling to a fundraiser for your high schools, colleges, armories, fairs, stadiums, etc. with events that have unlimited potential profits for you.

Victory Pro Wrestling ( - From youth activities to booster clubs, we have helped raise thousands of dollars with our professional wrestling fundraiser family brand of entertainment. Let us help your organization do the same!

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