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District of Columbia
Fundraising Companies

District of Columbia fundraiser

As one might imagine, the District of Columbia knows a thing or two about fundraising! Our Capital City, Washington, D.C. has been all about raising capital since its founding in 1800. We've listed but a few of the many fundraising companies located in D.C. for your group's consideration- with everything from the professional consulting companies you would expect to auction companies and companies selling deeply discounted kids' clothing- the choices are a varied as the political opinions in D.C. are.

Featured Fundraising Companies

Uncle Jerry's Tees fundraiser Uncle Jerry's T's - America's favorite tee shirt, beach towel and gift fundraising company featuring something for everyone! Thirty years of fundraising success helping thousands of groups raise millions of dollars selling our top quality, affordably priced products.  Free catalog fundraising materials, individually packed orders, great prize program and group organizer bonuses. Number one in shipping and customer service. Easiest and most successful fundraiser you'll ever do. Call today 800-556-2887.
EZ Fund fundraiser - Want something different? We have a variety of unique and profitable catalog fundraising programs such as … holiday shopper, fall flower seeds, candles, and gourmet snacks. Brochure fundraising has something to meet every groups needs. Call 800-991-8779 to get started with your free selling kits.

District of Columbia Fundraising Companies

Campbell & Company ( - Since 1976 Campbell & Company has helped over 1500 non-profits meet their fundraising and staffing needs. [District of Columbia]

Community Counseling Service Co. ( - Our fundraising campaigns generally cost institutions between three and eight cents per dollar raised including professional fees and operational expenses. [District of Columbia]

Community Wealth Ventures, Inc. ( - Consulting firm that helps non-profit organizations find ways to create their own wealth rather than rely on philanthropy. [District of Columbia]

Graham-Pelton Consulting ( is a global fundraising and nonprofit management consulting firm. [District of Columbia]

Hazen Inc. ( - We are dedicated to providing your nonprofit organization with the most effective fundraising solutions. We know how to empower you to create long-term connections with donors because we understand that building enduring donor relationships is what matters most. [District of Columbia]

MissionFish ( - Bid in auctions that turn donated goods into fundraiser cash for nonprofits or donate items to your favorite cause. [District of Columbia] ( - Your school, non-profit will have parents purchase, online and directly, deeply discounted kids clothing of great brand names through [District of Columbia]]