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About the Fundraising Ideas & Products Center

The Fundraising Ideas & Products Center is operated by LarMar Enterprises, Inc. which first entered the fundraising market in early 1996 with the publication of 'LarMar's Fundraisers Resource Guide', a hard copy fundraising resource directory. As soon as the directory was published, it was apparent that a hard copy directory was not sufficient - that it was out of date almost as soon as it was published. This realization resulted in the opening of LarMar's first Internet fundraising resource site in July 1996.

As the popularity of the site increased, so did the number of companies requesting a listing, raising concerns that too many listings would reduce the value of the listings and leads for our current subscribers, and that the volume of responses to requests for information would soon overwhelm the individual requesters.  In 1999, we decided to limit listings to a maximum of 100 companies to control the response volume and have maintained that maximum since then. A new company cannot be added until an existing listing is removed. 

LarMar previously operated the Fundraising Bazaar and the All Fundraising Companies Directory which were subsequently consolidated into the Fundraising Ideas & Products Center.

LarMar only provides Internet advertising for fundraising companies. It is not involved in actual fundraising activities nor does it have a financial interest in any of the companies listed on either of it's sites. 

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