Bring Your Dog To Work Day Fundraiser

A group of us worked together and took an idea to our employers, between the 10 of us that was 8 different companies. All but one agreed to let us do a “Bring Your Dog to Work Day”. Each employee was able to bring his/her dog to work on the designated day provided they signed up in advance.

Each dog cost $10 admission and the employees had to provide proof of current immunizations. All the money collected was donated to a local shelter. Three companies matched every dollar raised and one company bought a 10-pound bag of food in the name of each dog that was brought to work. Overall we raised over $7,500 and over 1,000 pounds of food.

All the employees had a really great time too. There were some concerns with people having allergies, but except for one company, that wasn’t an issue. For the one company that had a couple of allergy sufferers, of the 13 or so who said they would have a problem, 6 of them traded shifts or worked from home that day and the rest had a “Dog Free” zone in a conference room for the day. One of them was so taken by the idea that she took an anti-allergy drug and brought her neighbor’s dog just so she could participate.

We considered doing a “Cats At Work Day” at the request of many cat lovers and owners. However, we decided that keeping the kitties from declaring war in the offices was too big of a challenge.

We’re already planning ahead for next year and quite a few more people are interested in being involved and talking to their companies. We’re hoping to make this as big as “Bring Your Child To Work”, especially when you consider that the dogs ask less questions and have more fun!  Source: Erica (Denver, Colorado)

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