Tacky Yard Fundraiser

This works! Get a few people to dress up in ragged clothes. Find an old pickup truck and fill the back with yard junk. Some pink flamingoes, a toilet, car parts (preferably rusty but don’t cut yourself!), whatever you might find in a cluttered messy lawn. Get some tacky lawn chairs and head out to the homes of your friends and neighbors when you know they are home. Then you pile all the stuff on the front lawn, sit yourself down and wave at passing cars and neighbors to draw attention. An added touch is an old guitar that you strum as everyone sings old country songs–loudly. In order for you to go away, the home owner has to make a donation to your cause. Trust me, they will!  Source: Char

Popcorn 970×90

We have included a number of do-it-yourself fundraising ideas in this section that offer a break from traditional product sales.  They were developed by groups just like yours in an attempt have a little fun with their fundraiser. Some of them are tried and true while others show a lot of creativity … and even wackiness in some cases.  All of them are obviously not appropriate for every group, but sometimes, with only a little modification, your might find some fund raising ideas that are perfect for your group. If you have an idea for a do-it-yourself fund raiser you are willing to share with others, please send it to us via email. Include anything and everything you would want to know if you were hearing the idea for the first time.