4-H Club Fundraising Ideas

4-H Club Fundraisers, like all fundraising, are a whole lot of work! But that’s all part of being a member of the 4-H Club, whose mission is to engage youth to reach their fullest potential while advancing the field of youth development. The name represents four personal development areas of focus for the organization: head, heart, hands, and health. 4-H Clubs across the country not only face the issue of fundraising for their own chapters, but many also often take on the task of raising funds for other charitable causes in their areas.

One of the biggest decisions is often deciding what type of 4-H club fundraiser to do. In Fremont County, Wyoming they throw an annual carnival fundraiser at the fairgrounds as a fundraiser for the local 4-H Club chapter, with plenty of carnival games and rides and food-stands typical of any community carnival. In the River Valley area of Kansas, the local 4-H Club recently threw a dance as a fundraiser for a local animal shelter. They asked attendees to donate not only funds but much needed supplies. Fundraisers by other clubs include dinners, auctions, strawberry sales, gardening programs, rodeos, pizza sales, pet treats, BBQ, bake sales, frozen food, goldfish races, and more!

Check out our complete list of fundraising products and do-it-yourself fundraising ideas for your next 4-H club fundraiser.

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Do-It-Yourself 4-H Club Fundraiser

You can also choose from a wide variety of 4-H club DIY fundraising ideas to supplement your programs. How about a crafts fair, bake sale, animal photos, babysitting, mascot pride, scavenger hunts, sell your wares, or thons of every kind? Perhaps you can adapt one of these creative DIY fundraiser events to suit your needs:

Cow Pie Bingo – Experience the “sweet smell of success” while hosting a cow pie fundraising event during a country fair, rodeo or other event. A cow is turned loose on a fenced-in area which has been marked off in 500 three-foot, numbered squares. read more…

Rent-a-Kid – Lots of folks have odd jobs around the house that would be a well-suited chore for the youths of your group as a fundraiser. The kids in the group would be available for rent between such and such dates, (allow one or two weeks for the project). read more…

Pumpkin Festival – Have a fundraising pumpkin festival with pumpkins for the children to paint. Cover a table with newspaper (tape it down with masking tape so it stays covered). Set out liquid tempera paints, paintbrushes and plastic yogurt containers filled with water for rinsing the brushes. Let the kids paint goofy or creepy faces on the pumpkins. read more…