Air Cadet Fundraising Ideas

The Air Cadets have a great program but like most organizations, there are never enough funds to go around. No one likes fundraising but it is necessary for most organizations and the Air Cadets is no exception.  One of the biggest decisions is often deciding what type of Air Cadet fundraiser to do.  One squadron adopted an eco-friendly and profitable way to raise money by collecting unwanted cell phones, laptops and ink/toner cartridges and recycling them in exchange for fundraising dollars. This not only raised much needed funds, it reduces e-waste from landfill sites.   The same squadron also held a burger night fundraiser at McDonald’s.

One of the biggest decisions is often deciding what type of fundraiser to do. Squadrons in Ontario fan out in towns and cities across the province tagging in front of one of your local stores or malls, an annual ritual in spring and fall that each of the 114 units in Ontario participates in.  The fundraising tagging activities are truly an important part of the Air Cadet program at the local level. Not only does it help to raise funds for the local squadron , it provides a great opportunity for the Air Cadets to engage with the public and let them know a bit about their exciting program.   Fundraisers by other Air Cadet squadrons include cookie sales, skate days, flea markets, fudge sales, biscuit sales, concerts, thons, talent shows, dinners, and raffles.

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Do-It-Yourself Air Cadet Fundraiser

You can also choose from a wide variety of Air Cadet squadron DIY fundraising ideas to supplement your programs. How about a plane pull, don’t come event, flamingo flocking, cowpie bingo, reverse raffle, 50-50 raffle, night in jail, toilet seat toss, potty insurance, car smash, or thons of every type?  Perhaps you can adapt one of these creative DIY fundraiser events to suit your needs:

Burned Up Car Engine – Just how long does it take for a car engine to implode? You could have “bet” on that, so to speak, at the De Leon Peach and Melon Festival. New this year was an unusual fundraiser that brought in more than $500 for the Chamber of Commerce.  read more ….

Stair Climb – Almost 1,000 climbers in Calgary, made the annual thigh-testing trek up Calgary Tower’s 27 flights of stairs to raise $75,000 in pledge money to help the Alberta Wilderness Association protect the environment.  read more ….

Snowmobile Drag Race – There doesn’t have to be snow on the ground for snowmobile enthusiasts in St. Maries Idaho to log some hours on a sled. Even in 90-degree heat, dozens of riders from all over Idaho and Washington found a way to ride at the third annual “Summer Sucks” Grass Drags fundraiser.   read more ….