People to People Fundraising Ideas

For over 50 years, People to People Ambassador Programs has provided educational travel for students grades 5 through 12 and college students across the globe. People to People organizes the trips but it’s usually up to the student or the student’s parents to pay for it, and oft times that means fundraising. Fundraising is always challenging, the trick to a successful fundraiser is creativity.

One of the biggest decisions is often deciding what type of fundraiser to do. One 14-year old paid her way to France, Italy, and Greece on the European Odyssey program by using her church activity center for a yard sale, and obtained the sale items from donations by neighbors. In Canon City, CO, sold refreshments and craft items at a local festival as a fundraiser for their summer trip to Europe. Fundraisers by other People to People participants include product sales, bake sales, and raffles.

Check out our complete list of fundraising products and do-it-yourself fundraising ideas for your next People to People fundraiser.


Do-It-Yourself People to People Fundraiser

You can also choose from a wide variety of People to People DIY fundraising ideas to supplement your program. How about a Raffle Table, Blind Auction, Bakeless Bake Sale, Balloon Bust, or thons of every type? Perhaps one of these successful and creative ideas can be adapted for your student’s fundraiser.

Door to Door for Pennies – Go door to door asking for pennies for whatever your group is fundraising for. If they try to give you any coins other than a penny, refuse but say that you will gladly take paper money. Most people are confused at the fact that you will only take pennies, but then smile and usually give you some form of paper money. Read more…

Egg and Beg – For this fundraising idea, you go to area homes, asking for an egg. Read more…

Babysitting – Our youth group provided babysitting in a gymnasium for Christmas shoppers and parents who want to go out Valentines evening as a fundraiser.  Read more…