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Fundraisers and Fundraising ideas

So, now you are in charge of your group's next fundraiser. What to do next?  Before you make a decision, browse our wide variety of fundraising products and services. Some will be very familiar. Some offer fundraising options that you may not have considered. Review them all! Then request additional information directly from the fundraising companies. They will be happy to help and can offer valuable suggestions. Still somewhat overwhelmed? You can download our Fundraiser Resource Guide which summarizes the fundraising goods and services of all the companies on our site. You can easily share this with your committee members to see what they think. You can also request fundraising information from all the companies with a single request form. Regardless of your decision, we wish you good luck! We know how much work goes into each and every fundraiser!

Fundraising Product Ideas

Choose from auctions, batteries, bed sheets, board games, books, bottled water, calendars, candles, candy, capital campaigns, car air fresheners, car magnets, casino nights, catalogs, cheese, cheesecake, Christmas, coffee, cookbooks, cookie dough, discount cards, donation containers, engraved bricks, environmentally friendly, first aid, flower bulbs, fruits & veggies, gift wrap, green, greeting cards, healthy snacks, honey, jerky, lapel pins, lollipops, magazines, meat products, music, mystery dinner kits, nuts, online, pasta, personalized, pet products, popcorn, portrait/team photos, pretzels, recycle, sauces, spices & jellies, scratch cards, software, snacks, special events, spirit, stage shows, throws, afghans & blankets, t-shirts, unique surprises, and wine.

fundraiser auctions

battery fundraiser

Bed Sheets
bed sheet fundraiser

Board Games
custom board game fundraiser

book fundraiser

calendar fundraiser

candle fundraiser

candy fundraiser

Capital Campaigns
capital campaign fundraiser

Car Air Fresheners
car air freshener fundraiser

Car Magnets
car magnet fundraiser

Casino Nights
casino night fundraiser

Catalogs & Brochures
catalog, brochure fundraiser

cheese fundraiser

Cheesecake & Desserts
cheesecake fundraiser

Christmas, Gift, Wreath
Christmas, gift, wreath fundraiser

Coffee & Tea
coffee & tea fundraiser

cookbook fundraiser

Cookie Dough
cookie dough fundraiser

Discount Cards
discount card fundraiser

Donation Containers
donation container charity box fundraiser

Engraved Bricks
engraved brick fundraiser

Environmentally Friendly
eco friendly fundraiser

First Aid/Safety
first aid & safety fundraiser

Flowers & Bulbs
flower & flower bulb fundraiser

Fruits & Veggies
Fruit, Oranges, Apples & Onions fundraiser

Giftwrap & Greeting Cards
giftwrap, greeting card fundraiser

Healthy Snacks
healthy snack fundraiser

honey fundraiser

beef jerky fundraiser

jewelry fundraiser

Lapel Pins
lapel pin fundraiser

lollipop fundraiser

magazine fundraiser

Meat Products
Meat: Ham, Sausage, Poultry & Steak Fundraising Ideas

music CD fundraiser

Mystery Dinners
mystery dinner fundraiser

online fundraiser

Pasta & Pizza
pizza, pasta fundraiser

pecan, peanut fundraiser

personalized product fundraiser

Pet Products
pet products fundraiser

popcorn fundraiser

Portrait/Team Photos
portrait, team photo fundraiser

pretzel fundraiser

recycling fundraiser

Sauces, Spice, Jelly
Sauces, Spices, Dips & Jelly FundraiserSauces, Spices, Dips & Jelly Fundraiser

Scratch Cards
scratch card fundraiser

fundraising software

Special Events
special event fundraiser

Spirit & Booster
spirit & booster fundraiser

Stage Shows
stage show fundraiser

Throws, Afghans, Blankets
Throws, Afghans & Blanket Fundraiser

t-shirt fundraiser

Unique Surprises
unique, new fundraiser

bottled water fundraiser

wine fundraiser

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