Find A Fundraiser For Your Group

Every organization has some great programs but rarely are there enough funds to go around. No one likes fundraising but it is necessary for most organizations and yours is probably no exception. No matter what anyone says, fundraising is not “fun”. It is hard work!  One of the biggest decisions is often deciding what type of fundraiser to do.  Most organizations are familiar with dinners, raffles, rummage sales and product sales.  However there are many other volunteers just like you who have come up with some unique fundraising ideas of their own.

We have included what other groups have done as well as some popular commercial fundraising ideas. You will find some repeats but that is because they have proven successful. Make sure you check groups similar to yours for additional fundraising ideas. One of them may be perfect for your group.  If you don’t find an idea that appeals to you, check out our complete product and do-it-yourself ideas listings for a great selection of  ‘tried and true’ fundraisers plus some that are downright bizarre.  Good luck!

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