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Auction Fundraiser

fundraiser auctions

Auctions are one of the most popular types of fundraisers out there. But pulling together a good auction and getting the customers in the door (or onto your website) may sound easier than it actually is. Fortunately there are lots of auction companies out there who are ready and able to help your organization pull off a really successful auction fundraiser and maximize your profits. Whether you are just looking for a professional auctioneer to run the podium at your event or a company to organize the whole shebang from soup to nuts, chances are there's a company out there that fits the bill for your needs. Or maybe you're looking for software to help with your organization's online auction site- there are companies that specialize in that as well. There are companies that specialize in silent auctions. Whatever your fundraising auction needs, there's an auction company out there for you. The companies below offer some quality auction fundraising alternatives which could be perfect for your next fundraiser.

Featured Fundraiser Companies fundraiser has helped schools, youth sports, church groups, community organizations and charities raise approximately $71.7 million over the past 12 years. Whether you're looking for more budget-conscious fundraisers, green fundraisers, healthy fundraising options, or traditional fundraising products, has it all. We take great pride in our product quality, offer you only the best selection, give you superior support before and throughout your fundraiser, and guarantee the highest profit. Visit us or call one of fundraising experts to answer all of your fundraising questions. Get your must have free fundraising catalog. Toll-Free 1-888-440-4114

Auction Fundraiser Companies

GoBid is an answer to your fundraising needs! Our online auction platform takes the stress, cost and administrative headache out of hosting a fundraising auction event. For almost 2 decades, GoBid has been the place to bid on great deals and help raise money in support of charities, organizations and individual fundraisers. offers a fun, secure and exciting shopping experience that just so happens to raise money for worthy causes. It’s like bargain hunting with heart! For more information on how to Start an Auction or to shop for that deal. Click here!

ADA Fundraising ( provides high quality autographed sports and entertainment memorabilia for silent, live and online.

American Eagle Auction Company ( - A fully certified auction firm that specializes in fundraising auctions at no charge to your organization.

April Brown Auction Services ( - I help charities raise money through fundraising benefit auctions.  

Auction Merchandise Source ( - With our experience we can offer tips to help ensure the success of your next fundraising auction.

Auction Oregon ( - A fund raising company that offers auctions.

Auctions by Vanderee ( - Auctioneer helps nonprofit organizations in their fundraising for worthy causes.

Auction Systems ( - A windows-compatible software package which automates the entire process for silent and live auction fundraisers.

Benefit Events ( - Online fundraising auction services: custom applications and design, strategy and event consultation.

Charity Works ( - We offer fundraising auction services and products with no financial obligation or risk to you or your charity.

Crestware, Inc. ( - Our software uses bar-coded methods to pre-swipe credit cards, place bids and checkout guests at auction events.

Lee Auctioneering & Consulting ( - Premier nationwide auction specialists for benefit and charity auctions. 

Maestro Computing Services ( - Silent fundraising auction bidding systems.

Martin Auctioneering ( - Catering to the non profit community exclusively. Martin is light hearted and entertaining.

Meister Software ( -  Our fundraising software kit provides everything you need to print raffle tickets and Chinese Auction cards.

Northwest Benefit Auctions ( - Offers training for auction committees, specializing exclusively in fundraiser benefit auction events.

Pat 'N Pat Fundraising Auctions ( - Call us if you are you looking for an experienced and enthusiastic professional fundraising auctioneering team.

Regency Fine Art ( - Our family has conducted thousands of successful fundraising auction events.

Signature Auctions ( helps you maximize revenue at your next charity event with no-risk sports and art auctions.

Talbot Auctions and Fundraising ( conducts fundraising auctions for non-profit clients.

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