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Battery Fundraiser

battery fundraiser

When thinking of a product to sell for your next fundraiser, batteries might not spring immediately to mind. But think about it for a moment and you'll realize that it's a great fundraising idea! We ALL use batteries. We use batteries in our household gadgets, our phones use batteries, our wall clocks use batteries, and let's not forget about all those toys are kids love so much. Also, besides food and water, batteries are perhaps the most important items we can stock up on and pack into our emergency kits for both home and auto. There are all kinds of batteries, not just all those different sizes but also re-chargeable and lithium and recyclable and the list goes on. Why not consider batteries when considering your next fundraising campaign? There are lots of battery companies that work with non-profits and are ready to supply you with all the batteries you could possibly need. The companies below offer some quality battery fundraising programs which could be perfect for your next fundraiser.

Featured Fundraiser Companies fundraiser has helped schools, youth sports, church groups, community organizations and charities raise approximately $71.7 million over the past 12 years. Whether you're looking for more budget-conscious fundraisers, green fundraisers, healthy fundraising options, or traditional fundraising products, has it all. We take great pride in our product quality, offer you only the best selection, give you superior support before and throughout your fundraiser, and guarantee the highest profit. Visit us or call one of fundraising experts to answer all of your fundraising questions. Get your must have free fundraising catalog. Toll-Free 1-888-440-4114

Battery Fundraiser Companies - Welcome to the most innovative and profitable fundraiser out there! Have you ever thought that fundraisers are stuck selling the same old cookies every year that only make you gain weight? Well here is a product that is not only functional, but necessary. We have made it our mission to introduce a useful and eco-friendly battery to America’s fundraisers. Every household in America needs batteries. Because of this, batteries make the perfect fit for any fundraiser. Whether you are a local sports team or the boy scouts, we have the perfect product to fit your needs. Click here!

Batteries For Dollars ( - Our unique battery fundraiser provides the industry's best batteries to the consumer at comparable prices.

Carolina Batteries ( is pleased to announce our new battery fundraising program!

Interstate Batteries ( - The average home has 21 different battery-powered devices? Fundraising batteries are sure to be a winner.

KickN-Power ( offers battery fundraising for your school, PTO/PTA, sports, band, clubs, church.

Kompas Fundraisers ( can help you make your next fundraising event both fun and profitable with batteries and flashlights.

Lucas Battery ( - Why not base your fundraiser around our unique assortment packs of batteries??

Medic Batteries ( - Our unique fundraiser provides industry's best batteries to the consumer at lower than retail prices.

PaperFunds ( - This unique battery fundraising program is especially great for schools and youth groups.

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