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Bed Sheet Fundraiser

bed sheet fundraiser

Who ever heard of  bed sheet fundraiser? Would you believe that bed sheets are one of the most popular and profitable fundraisers? After all, who do you know that does not need bed sheets? No one!  They are practical, high quality, and come in a variety of colors. They literally sell themselves. All organizations need money. Why not offer something their supporters really need? Great for schools, church groups, bands, cheerleading and sports teams of all kinds. Begin and end your fundraising program whenever you like. The companies below offer some quality bed sheet fundraising programs which could be perfect for your next fundraiser.

Featured Fundraiser Companies fundraiser has helped schools, youth sports, church groups, community organizations and charities raise approximately $71.7 million over the past 12 years. Whether you're looking for more budget-conscious fundraisers, green fundraisers, healthy fundraising options, or traditional fundraising products, has it all. We take great pride in our product quality, offer you only the best selection, give you superior support before and throughout your fundraiser, and guarantee the highest profit. Visit us or call one of fundraising experts to answer all of your fundraising questions. Get your must have free fundraising catalog. Toll-Free 1-888-440-4114

Bed Sheet Fundraiser Companies

All Star Fund Raising Programs ( - Bed sheet fundraisers are one of the newest and most practical ideas to hit the fundraising scene.

Good Life Bed Sheets ( is excited to share our dynamic bed sheet fundraising program.

Gotcha Dreaming Bed Sheet Co. ( - Our bed sheets are a perfect fit for your next fundraiser! Begin anytime and last as long as you want.

Impact Fundraising ( can help your school get the funds it needs with a bed sheet fundraiser.

Innovative Fundraising ( - Since the inception of our bed sheet fundraiser, groups have shattered their fundraising records.

JK Linens ( - Thank you for your interest in our bed sheet fundraising opportunities. No organization is too large or too small.

Luxurious Linen ( - Bed sheet fundraisers provide a great team environment for all involved.

Pure Profit Fundraising ( - We invented and perfected the bed sheet fundraiser.

Simply Sheets ( is a bed sheet fundraising company providing a quality product, used virtually every day.

Southern Sheets ( bed sheet fundraisers give family and friends a product that they will actually use and with sizes and colors to fit every bed and style.

Taylor Bed Sheets ( - School fundraisers with bed sheets is a central fundraising source for all types of school fundraising ideas.

The Elson Company ( offers bed sheets for fundraisers to school athletic teams, churches, social clubs, organizations and other non-profit groups. [Tuscumbia, Alabama]

Ultimate Linen ( is one of the most successful bed sheet fundraising companies in America.

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