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Custom Board Game Fundraiser

board game fundraiser

A custom board game fundraiser is a no-risk fundraising option that help your group while boosting town pride or school spirit. Picture a Monopoly board but instead of Boardwalk, Park Place and Marvin Gardens, the spaces on the board have the name and images for merchants in your area. You raise money selling advertising spaces on the board to merchants in your area. Instead of Boardwalk, you might have the 1st National Bank on your board. The advertising revenue will cover the entire cost of your fundraiser. The actual sale of the games themselves is pure profit. The companies below offer some great custom board games which could be perfect for your next fundraiser.

Featured Custom Board Game Fundraiser Companies

town-opoly fundraiser

Express Printing, LLC - A truly unique fundraising idea. Create "Your Town-Opoly" custom board game. Raise $10,000-$50,000+. No risk, and have fun doing it. Call us at 1-800-451-5442 for a free getting started fund raiser kit & sample game. (No cost or obligation). Think about what this can mean for your organization. You can create a collectable board game, showing off the best of your community, while raising thousands of dollars for your group. Call or go to our website to get started today.

Custom Board Game Fundraiser Companies

Ad Magic, Inc. ( enables your organization to produce and distribute its own fundraising playing card games.

Custom Monopoly Services ( - We specialize in custom board games, dice, & card games for fundraisers.

Dodson-Group ( - An opoly board game fundraiser may be perfect for your organization!

Late For the Sky ( - Create a custom board game for a fundraiser with a purpose.

Make Playing Cards ( - You can create your own custom board game from scratch. Fundraising possibilities?

MJS Creations ( - Choose a custom opoly board game for your next fundraiser.

Quality Playing Cards, Inc. ( - We design, develop, and produce your custom board games. Could this be your next fundraiser?

The Game Crafter ( is a print-on-demand board game publisher. You could make your own custom board game for a fundraiser.

USAOpoly, Inc. ( can customize the most collectible board games in the world just for you! Think of the fundraising possibilities!

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