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Book Fundraiser

book fundraiser

Book fundraisers are typically done as part of either an online or on-site book fair. With an online book fundraiser, supporters are directed to a website where the organization receives a percentage of all purchases.  A book fair fundraiser held in a store works much the same but organizations also receive a percentage of in-store sales during a certain period of time. The most familiar book fundraisers, however, are probably book fairs held in schools. The vendor brings the books to the school and the school receives either books or cash for purchases made by students and staff.  The companies below offer several quality book fundraising options for your next fundraiser.

Featured Book Fundraiser Companies

Here Comes Money Fundraising

Here Comes Money Fundraising - Make 60% profit! Bookscents, scented bookmarks are another unique fundraiser. These scented bookmarks will jumpstart your school reading program. Sell Bookscents at book fairs, the library, school store, school office or use them for incentives! Order Bookscents by the case or half-case and get kids reading with these premium scented bookmarks. Schools consider our products a smart choice to earn needed funds. Scent choices are bubble gum, orange, cinnamon, jelly bean, grape, peppermint, root beer and strawberry.

More Book Fundraiser Companies

Adverwize Publications ( are perfect for book fundraising! Minimum of $4.50 profit per book.

Barefoot Books ( offers an profitable book fundraising program for schools & nonprofits.

Barnes & Noble ( hosts your book fair both in your local store and online, providing the perfect fundraising opportunity for schools.

Bookfield Fundraising ( offers groups the ability to raise money selling new books, and original art. - ( A user's manual for your home. Earn 100% profits on a fundraising product people will use.

Books-A-Million, Inc. ( - Your your bookfair fundraiser takes place in one of our stores with our extensive selection of books.

Books Inc ( executes large-scale, on site school book fair fundraisers throughout the school year.

Bookworm Central ( offers high-quality, customizable book fair fundraisers.

Brown Sugar & Spice Book Service ( - African-American, Caribbean and African literature for children and adults for fundraising.

Reading Frenzy BookShop ( is privileged to partner with schools, churches, and other organizations with our book fair fundraiser. [

Scholastic Inc. ( - Learn how your book fundraiser can increase student performance in reading.

Schoolwide, Inc. ( - Student-operated school bookstores sell discounted books for fundraising.

Treehouse Book Fair ( - Your full service book fair. We tailor each fundraiser to your needs.

Usborne Books - Canada ( - Offers over 900 book titles for tot's to teen's and in between. Ask about our fundraisers.

Wyoming Wonders ( - Our beautiful coffee table book is an fundraising idea for your school, club, or charity.

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