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Candle Fundraiser

candle fundraiser

Scented candles are very popular fundraising products which is why so many companies offer them. Over 72% of American homes purchase candles annually. They are affordably priced, offer a good profit percentage, require low minimums, come in many popular fragrances and can be sold year-round.  Some companies offer free candle kits. In a typical candle fundraiser, the company will send catalogs, order sheets, collection envelopes and all other pertinent chairperson information just before your fundraiser begins. For the environmentally conscious groups, some fundraising companies offer candles made from natural soy wax, lead free wicks and all recycled materials. With more and more school districts restricting the sales of food items, candle fundraisers offer an attractive alternative. The companies below offer a variety of candle fundraising options for your next fundraiser.

Candle Fundraiser Companies fundraiser - Raise dollars and scents! - No money up front - Sense fundraising success with this fantastic collection of aromatic candles. Wide selection of candle fundraisers, scented and for all occasions. Earn 50% profit! Free shipping! Get a free sample kit – toll free (1-888-440-4114)
EZFund fundraiser - Environment friendly Earth candles are hand poured from premium all natural wax blends and upscale fragrances. All paper packaging and labels are made with recycled paper and the candle holders are made from recycled glass when possible. Call 1-800-991-8779 and start your Go-Green candle fundraiser today.
Celebrating Home fundraiser Fundraising With Candle Fundraisers - More than just candles! We offer a wide selection of brochures from Heritage Candles, Celebrating Home, Home Interiors, and La-Tee-Da! Our programs offer premium, soy candles, aroma beads, and wax melts which are affordable, easy to sell, provide up to 50% profit, free packed-by-sell and shipping. There are no upfront costs, and you'll receive extremely fast shipping. We offer spring and fall gift catalogs, cookie dough, chocolate, home decor, jewelry & scarves, popcorn, flowers, tumblers, and more! To review our programs, to request free information, or to get started right away, visit our website. Call 1-860-384-3691.

More Candle Fundraiser Companies

Alabama Candle Company ( - Candle fundraising is easier when you have a popular product at a reasonable price.

Aromalight Candles ( candle fundraisers offer excellent customer service throughout your candle fundraiser.

Barn Candle Company ( - Highly profitable and successful candle fundraiser.

Beech Creek Candles ( - Contact us for information on our available candle fundraising packages.

Briar Rose's Soy Candles ( - Handpoured, triple scented, 100% soybean candles for fundraising.

Candle Fundraisers USA ( - Fundraising with premium scented soy-blend candles; jars, designer tins and scented melts.

Candles By Stacie ( - Candles are great items for fund raisers and an easy item to sell.

Castine Candle Company ( - We would be honored to help your organization meet fundraising goals with our candle fundraiser. 

CJs Candle Creations ( has helped many schools with profitable candle fundraisers.

Country Lights Candles ( - Soy candles for organizations for fund raising.

Courtney's Candles and Creations ( - Customers love our candles so much they can't wait until next year's fundraiser!

CT River Candles ( - Quality hand poured soy candles.  Great profit margin for fundraisers.

Dallas Soy Candles ( are triple-scented and made with premium all natural soy wax for your next candle fundraiser.

Expressive Candles ( - Offers a fundraising program. We carry hand poured scented candles, votives and jars.

Gellite Candle Fundraising ( offers a clearly different candle fundraiser. You choose the fragrances.

Hawaiian-Candles ( - Our candle fundraiser is especially fun and exciting.

Heaven Scent Candles ( - Holding a candle fundraiser can be a very easy, cost-efficient way to raise money.

Heritage Falls ( - Our soy candles are a perfect alternative to the other fundraising products that are on the mark today.

Honey Hive Handcrafts ( - With our program, you customize your candle fundraiser and the products offered.

Jazz Candles ( - We are proud to offer our proven candle fundraising program to groups of all sizes.

Just For Me Candles ( - Once we receive your fundraiser agreement form we mail you your candle selling kits.

Klassic Kandles ( candle fund raising program has helped many groups and non-profit organizations.

Lazy River Soy ( - Candle fundraising programs have been as successful, if not more so, than most of the products sold today.  

Lilly Pad Candles & Soaps ( - Candle fund raisers are a great way for schools to raise funds.

Lobue's Candles ( - Our candle fundraiser program is easy and it works.

Lyon Candles ( - Our candle fundraisers are so easy to do and a great way to raise funds for your group.

MakeScents ( - We aren't the cheapest candle fundraising option. We offer a higher quality candle that insures repeat sales.

Marion Lane Candles ( offers several options in candle fundraising.

Master's Hand Candle Company ( - Our candle fundraising program is easy for you to do, and we'll help.

Midwest Prairie Candles ( - Our number one candle fundraiser is the 15 oz crock candle and refills. ( - Quality soy wax candles with private labeling for your fundraising project.

Rich Hill Candles ( - Candle fundraisers for community groups, schools and service clubs.

Rose of Sharon Candles ( - Our candle fundraiser runs smoothly and the end result is a fun program with large profits.

Shortie's Candle Company ( - Our candle fundraising program is designed to help all organizations, big and small.

Silver City Candle ( - We know how to make money for your organization's fundraising needs with our candle fundraiser. ( - Our fundraising program offers organization a candle fundraiser that makes 50% on all sales.

Teamwork Associates ( - We'll design a candle fundraising program around your needs.

Ultimate Fundraising ( - Offers 14 candle fundraisers that are easy to run and profitable.

Ultimate Fundraising ( - We offer a 50% profit on many fundraisers and specialize in our long lasting & fragrant soy candles.

Unique Aromas ( - Our candle fundraising programs are designed specially for schools, daycares, sport teams and churches.

Yellow Rose Gifts, Company ( - Offers hand poured, premium scented, 100% soy wax container candles for your school fundraiser.

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