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Candy, Candy Bar, Chocolate & Lollipop Fundraiser

candy, candy bar, chocolate fundraiserlollipop fundraiser

Candy fundraising is consistently one of the most popular fundraisers. Why? Virtually everyone loves candy, it is a low price item, and it offers instant gratification to the purchaser who can eat it immediately. With direct sale candy bar fundraisers some fundraising companies ship the candy to your group on consignment. You pay them after your fundraiser is completed. Other companies require that the candy be purchased up front. The method of payment and whether or not prize incentives are offered will affect your profit. The more you do yourself, the more money your group will make. Many companies also offer order taker candy fundraisers with a variety of seasonal items. Companies differ but you will often find low minimum quantity requirements, free shipping and a large assortment from which to choose. The companies below offer a variety of candy fundraising options for your next fundraiser.

Candy, Candy Bar, Chocolate & Lollipop Fundraiser Companies fundraiser - Sweeet deals! - Candy and lollipops have always been sure money-makers. With interested buyers everywhere, you'll make quicker sales & more fund-raiser profit! M&Ms, Hershey's, 24 popular flavors. Earn up to 57% profit! Free shipping! Get a free sample kit - toll free (1-888-440-4114)

EZFund fundraiser - New - Sweet & Salty Pretzel Rods! 50% profit on lollipops in a variety of shapes & flavors + chocolate lollipops! Large 1.5 oz. $1 chocolate bar variety packs! And up to 50% on a Hershey fundraiser. Minimum order is 1 case. For a candy fundraiser call 800-991-8779 or order online.

Cedar Creek Fundraising - See how our complete personal consultation, and over 50 different products and programs, matches your group with it's perfect fundraiser, from MEGA brochures to our famous "Lollipop Central". Small groups receive the same personal attention! Call 1-877-424-4231. 

Celebrating Home Fundraiser

Fundraising With Candle Fundraisers - We offer several candy and chocolate fundraising brochures including Chocolate Obsession, Chocolate Indulgence, Boxed Chocolates, Sweet & Savory, and others! Our programs have no upfront costs and offer premium, chocolates and snacks, which are affordable, easy to sell, provide up to 45% profit, free packed-by-seller, free youth prize programs, and free shipping. We also offer spring and fall gift catalogs, cookie dough, candles, coffee & beverages, home decor, jewelry & scarves, popcorn, tumblers, and more! To review our programs, to request free information, or to get started right away, visit our website. Call 1-860-384-3691.

More Candy, Candy Bar, Chocolate & Lollipop Fundraiser Companies

AA Plus Services ( - We are exclusive distributors of the Hershey and Nestle chocolates candy fund raising line.  

Abbott's Candy  ( specializes in candy fundraising for small groups.  

Abundant Funds  (  is your source for quality candy fundraiser programs for Christian schools and groups.  

Advantage Fundraising ( is committed to helping Canadian schools & community groups reach their candy fundraising goals.

Affy Tapple, Inc. ( - We make caramel apples all year round, so we can accommodate whatever your fundraising schedule may be.  

Andrews Candy Company ( -  We offer our most popular brittles to schools and organizations for fundraising events!

Award Fund Raising ( - Our high quality candy fundraising products are local and first class.

Betsy Ann Chocolates ( - We provide the "how to fundraise" information you need for your organization.

Bob Moody, Fundraising Consultant ( - Candy fundraiser products you will be proud to deliver at prices people will gladly pay.

Bromilow's Chocolates ( -  Offers chocolate candy bars with almonds for fundraising groups. 

Buddy Squirrel LLC ( - 50-70% average profit selling fundraising candy.

Cady Fundraising Services ( - We offer almost every type of candy fundraiser products available in the industry!

Candy Concepts ( - Our candy rack is great for fundraising groups, including schools, youth groups, and booster clubs.  

Cardinal Fundraising ( - Specializing in quality Hershey's chocolate fundraising in Ontario and Michigan.

Clark Candies, Inc. ( offers a complete array of boxed chocolates and novelty chocolates for fundraising.

Clover Ranch, Inc. Fundraising ( - Gourmet lollipops, candy, and many more fundraisers.

Chocizza ( - Unique and fun concept in candy fundraising.

Chocolates on Broadway ( - We offer Christmas and Easter fundraising candy that is homemade and always 'kitchen fresh'.

Coastal Fundraising Concepts ( - Plan, organize, execute and celebrate your next candy fundraising program. 

Darnall Fund Raising, Inc. ( - One of the largest candy fundraising distributors of name brand fund raising candies. ( - We offer a variety of fundraising programs including candy.

Endangered Species Chocolate Company ( - At least 10% of all profits go to fundraising organizations supporting endangered species.

Falter Fundraising ( - Candy and lollipop fundraising.

Family Fundraising Inc. ( offers Marshall's Mackinac Fudge for fundraising by Michigan schools and non profit groups.

5 Star Fundraising ( -  We provide unique selections of candy fundraising products that provide 40%-50% profit!!  

Flower City Fund Raising ( - Candy is still the #1 fund raiser and we offer brand-name fundraising candy products.

Fowler's Chocolate Co. ( - Fine fundraising chocolates since 1910.

Friendly Fund Raisers ( provides candy fundraising options for schools, scouts, little league baseball, church groups. ( - We make you more money! Fundraising chocolate, Easter items and more.

Fundraising Florida ( - Providing candy fundraising solutions since 1991 with World's Finest chocolate.

Funds For You ( - Brings you the best in candy bar fund raising. 

Fund Star, Inc.( - We provide you with the best candy fundraiser products and services available.

Gamber Fund Raising ( - Specializing in Hershey's candy fundraising.

Gardners Candies ( - We offer candy fundraiser products for the Christmas and Easter Holidays and candy bars for everyday sales.

Goldrush Fundraising ( offers a wide variety of candy fundraising programs and ideas for your fund raising needs.

Granite State Candy Shoppe ( - We offer multiple candy fundraising programs to suit a variety of fundraising needs!

Green Top Fundraising ( - Our easy to sell Easter candy fundraising program is complete in every way.

Hallets Chocolates ( - We have authentic old-fashioned recipes for your candy fundraiser. 

Helen Grace Chocolates ( - Fundraising programs include chocolate bars.

Henry's Candy ( - Many different types of candy fundraisers to offer your group.

Hilliards House of Candy, Inc. ( makes candy fund raising easy, profitable and delicious with our quick selling chocolate bars.

Hospitality Mints ( - The world's leader in amenity and custom logoed fundraising candy.

Kailua Candy Co. ( assists charity, church, school or team organizations with a custom tailored candy fund raising program.

Kentucky Homemade Candy Co ( - Our candy fundraiser is great for organizations such as youth amateur sports leagues, girls' clubs.

Key Profits Fundraising ( - We specialize in candy fundraising programs for key clubs.

Lamontagne Chocolate inc. ( - Manufacturer of pure milk chocolate bars, chocolate almonds, bite-size caramels and mints for fundraisers.

Louisiana Fundraisers' ( - Our candy fundraising programs are hassle free from start to finish. 

Luehm Candy Co. ( - Fundraising opportunities available in $1.00 and $2.00 fundraising candy variety packs, featuring Hershey products.

Majestic Fundraising, Inc. ( - Our fundraiser chocolate bars are a local favorite and provide a great return for customers!

Malley's Chocolates ( - Join thousands of fundraising customers with a proven profitable candy fundraiser experience.

GFS Marketplace ( offers a variety of candy programs to help you raise money quickly and easily for your organization.

Munson's Chocolates ( - We make candy fundraising easy with our chocolate fundraisers.

Old Fashion Candy Co. ( - We want to be your source for candy fundraising!

Old Kentucky Candies' Inc. ( represents 30 years in the fundraising chocolate business.

O'Shea's Candies ( - We now offer different kinds of candy bars perfect for fundraising.

Ozark Delight Lollipops ( are America's #1 fundraising lollipop.

Ozarks Fundraising ( - Distributor of World's Finest Chocolate covering Southern Missouri. Fundraising kickoffs, prizes.

Pirylis Distributors ( - Supplying fund raising candy for little leagues, youth sports, schools, churches and other organizations.

Reachout Canada ( - Offers the very best and newest in candy fundraising programs.

Ready Fund Raising Company ( - Candy fund raising company, providing programs for schools and organizations.

Reppert's Candy ( specializes in candy fundraising for schools and charitable organizations.

Sanborn's Fine Candies ( - Proud to announce we now offer candy fund raising programs to schools, non-profit, clubs & organizations.

Sandcrafters ( - Sand art with a twist. It's edible candy! Perfect for fundraising.

Sanders Candy ( - Providing quality candy fundraising products & services for over 45 years.

Sarris Candies ( - Over 40 years experience in making your candy fundraising efforts a success.

See's Candies, Inc. ( has a variety of candy fund raising programs to help your non-profit group raise money to support your programs.

Seroogy's Chocolates ( - 50% profit on our fundraising chocolate bars, gift boxes of assorted chocolates and seasonal items.

SMB Fundraising Incorporated ( - We offer quality candy fundraising products and people, paired with exceptional service.

Spirit of America ( - From cookie dough to candy to safety products and much more.

Spirit Fundraising, Inc. ( - The largest and best candy fundraising company in South Central Kentucky.

Starlyn's Chocolates ( - The industry leader for fundraising chocolate lollipops.

Sweenor's Chocolates ( provides quality fundraiser chocolate products for your candy fund-raising activities.

Unique Promotions ( - We offer a wide range of flexible candy fundraisers that can help you in this tough economy.  

Vande Walle's Candies ( - The reason groups choose our fundraiser candy bars is our high quality fundraising candy products.

Van Otis Chocolates ( offers easy, fun, and profitable candy fundraisers!

Van Wyk Confections ( - Happy to provide you with the highest quality, best selling fundraising candies nationwide.  

Wayne's Candy Company, Inc. ( sells perhaps the greatest variety of fundraising candy ever warehoused in one location.

(The) Wholesale Candy Shop ( - Unparalleled deals on Hershey's fundraising candy!

Wolfgang Candy Co. ( - The original candy fund raiser since 1921. Christmas & Easter candy fundraising programs.

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