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Capital Campaign Fundraiser

capital campaign fundraiser

Got a fundraising goal in the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars range or even in the millions and absolutely no idea where to start? Seek professional help- of the fundraising kind. There are lots of capital campaign consulting companies out there whose sole reason for existence is to help organizations like yours with their fundraising campaigns. Whether you just need one professional to take charge and run your fundraising campaign or you need a whole crew of professional fundraisers at your disposal, or any level in between, there are professionals out there to help you. Think you can't afford to hire professionals? Think again, most capital campaign consultants will basically pay for themselves by raising so much more money than you could ever have managed without their professional help. This is what they do. Let them help you reach your fundraising goals!

Featured Fundraiser Companies fundraiser has helped schools, youth sports, church groups, community organizations and charities raise approximately $71.7 million over the past 12 years. Whether you're looking for more budget-conscious fundraisers, green fundraisers, healthy fundraising options, or traditional fundraising products, has it all. We take great pride in our product quality, offer you only the best selection, give you superior support before and throughout your fundraiser, and guarantee the highest profit. Visit us or call one of fundraising experts to answer all of your fundraising questions. Get your must have free fundraising catalog. Toll-Free 1-888-440-4114

Capital Campaign Fundraiser Companies

A.L. Brourman Associates, Inc. ( - Full service firm offering a wide variety of professional services and expertise in fund raising.

Advancement Resources, LLC ( - A professional services firm providing professional fundraising training and event production.

Alexander Haas Martin & Partners ( - Comprehensive services include capital campaigns, planning studies, annual fundraising.

Alexander Macnab & Company ( - Chicago-based consultancy serving the fundraising, foundation and development needs.

American City Bureau ( - Provides developmental/feasibility studies, fundraising campaign direction, communication services.

American Fundraising Counsel, Inc. ( - Senior development professionals providing customized solutions to fundraising challenges.

Barnes & Roche, Inc. ( - Provides fundraising consulting that can help clients build solid, creative, and effective advancement programs.

Bloom Non-profit Consulting Group ( - Will help guide your charitable organization's fundraising program to success.

Brakeley, John Price Jones Inc. ( - Charting the course for fundraising strategies and solutions.

Campbell & Company ( has helped over 1500 non-profits meet their fundraising and staffing needs.

Cargill Associates ( - A national fund-raising firm serving non-profit institutions and churches since 1976.

Changing Our World, Inc. ( - A full-service national fundraising and philanthropic services company.

Chinook Consulting ( - A leading full-service political consulting, fundraising, and business advertising firm.

Community Counseling Service Co. ( - Fundraising campaigns generally cost institutions between three and eight cents per dollar raised.

Community Wealth Ventures, Inc. ( - Consulting firm that helps non-profit organizations find ways to create their own wealth.

Contributions Magazine ( - The how-to source of fund raising for non-profit professionals. 

Cunneen ( is a Catholic fundraising organization which has implemented 1000's of successful fundraising campaigns.

Development Services Group ( - Capital fundraising campaigns for churches, parish centers, renovation projects, and parochial schools.

DeWitt & Associates, Inc. ( - Fund-raising consulting firm that services all types of non profit organizations.

DJT Consulting Group ( - Offers resource development, strategic planning, evaluation, RFP management and proposal writing. ( - Offers Internet fundraising for political and non profit campaigns and organizations.

EHL Consulting Group, Inc ( - Specializes in fundraising consulting for nonprofit organizations.

Ford & Associates ( is a development consulting firm with a singular focus on independent schools.

Fruition Coalition ( - Provides professional and affordable consulting services for grassroots social change organizations.

Fund Raising Strategies, Inc. ( - Postal and electronic direct mail fund raising strategies for nonprofit fund raising organizations.

FundaMental Solutions ( - We help worthy organizations raise money to fulfill their missions.

Gibson & Associates ( - Provides grant development, planning, and evaluation methods.

Goettler Associates ( - We're one of America's most authoritative resources for capital fund raising.

Graham-Pelton Consulting ( is a global fundraising and nonprofit management consulting firm.

Guidance In Giving, Inc. ( - Fundraising campaign plans designed by the firm utilize techniques that were developed over the years.

Hartsook and Associates, Inc. ( - Providing creative fundraising campaign strategies to nonprofits.

Hazen Inc. ( - Dedicated to providing your nonprofit organization with the most effective fundraising solutions.

Heritage Company ( - We are a full-service nonprofit fundraising agency.

Hope Associates ( - Providing cost-effective offsite consulting or traditional onsite services to nonprofit charitable organizations.

Harris Connect, LLC ( - Assists in public solicitations for non-profit capital campaign fundraisers.

InfoRich Group, Inc. ( - Fundraising and marketing: prospect research, annual fund raisers, training, web site design.

Institute of School and Parish Development ( - Development and consulting firm servicing Catholic schools, parishes and dioceses.

Integrated Advancement ( establishes partnerships and facilitates financial stability.

James Company ( - Helping hundreds of congregations mobilize their faith and other resources for tangible works in the service of God.

Jeanne Sigler & Associates, Inc. ( - Helps nonprofits meet fundraising goals, providing in-depth counsel in a number of areas.

Jones Consulting Group ( - A consortium of consultants offering services to the nonprofit community.

Jossey-Bass ( - Strengthen voluntary giving by addressing how the concepts of philanthropy pertain to fundraising practice. 

Kristin V. Rehder & Associates ( - Campaign communications and fundraising communications services.

L.W. Robbins Associates ( - Specializing in direct mail and internet fundraising counsel to nonprofit organizations.

Major Gifts, Inc. ( - Provides system to teach development executives how to identify, recruit, train, support and motivate volunteers.

Mal Warwick & Associates, Inc ( - Direct mail and Internet fundraising and marketing for nonprofit organizations.

Maranville and Associates ( - Specializing in capital campaign fundraisers, endowment building and planned giving.

Marts & Lundy, Inc. ( - A full-service consulting firm serving the not-for-profit community.

Master Financial Planning Services ( - Gift development fund raising program is affordable, easily managed and results driven. 

MK Direct Marketing & Communications ( - Creative fundraising strategies for non-profits.

Mosaic Research Services ( - Provides fund raising strategy development and grant writing support.

National Community Development Services ( - Provides fundraising campaign management for many types of non-profit organizations.

NFP Consulting Resources ( - Full service consulting firm specializing in fundraising, organizational development and human resources.

O'Neill & Associates ( is dedicated to making your fund raising a truly rewarding experience.

Online Response System ( - Internet fund raising technology for non-profit organizations.

Peacock Creative Services ( provides marketing, public relations and fundraising consulting for nonprofits.

Phoenix Fundraising Counsel, Ltd. ( is a fundraising consulting firm dedicated to providing quality professional direction and assistance.

PG Calc. ( - Assists with the establishment of planned giving programs, state certification of gift annuities, and cross-border gifts.

Pledge Redemption Services ( - Assists Catholic churches in collecting money that is pledged through parish fund raising campaigns. ( - Customized prospect research and profiling services for the nonprofit community.

Resource Development Counsel ( - Helps organizations tap the flow of new resources and create productive fundraising relationships.

Resource Development Group ( - Specializes in providing experienced fundraising counsel specifically for Chambers of Commerce.

Resource Development Network ( - Fundraising consulting group which helps non-profit organizations in NY and NJ.

Rich List Company ( - Provides the best, up-to-date mail and phone lists of wealthy investors, donors, buyers, and businesses.

Ronald LaRose & Associates, Inc. ( - Fund raising consultants specializing in capital campaigns and fund raising consulting service.

Ruotolo Associates Inc. ( - Provides fundraising consulting services to nonprofit organizations for capital campaigns.

Sanky Communications, Inc ( - Provides direct-mail and website fundraising for non-profits.

Sempel Bixel Associates ( - Provides services reaching all sectors of non profit organizations.

Sinclair, Townes & Company ( - Provides comprehensive fund raising counseling services for nonprofit institutions and organizations.

64clicks ( - We use marketing technology to create fundraising campaigns that deliver results, create strong brands and drive customer focus.

Specialized Fundraising Services  ( was founded with the mission of helping nonprofit organizations reach their fundraising goals. 

Steier Group ( - Fundraising consultants who specialize in assisting non-profit organizations with capital campaigns.

Stephen Thomas ( - Providing direct response fund raising solutions to the Canadian not-for-profit sector.

Strategic Fundraising ( - We take pride in providing quality fundraising, membership, and back-end operations services.

Trident Communications Group ( - Organizational advancement counsel and services to nonprofits and businesses.

Walsh & Associates ( - Helping church groups and nonprofit institutions with fundraising consulting services.

Waltman Associates ( - Providing reference works for prospect research. Also specializing in prospect research consulting and training.

Whitney Jones, Inc. ( - Providing vision and philanthropic leadership to non-profit organizations.

Woodburn, Kyle and Company ( - Fundraising consulting firm for nonprofit organizations.

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