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Car Air Freshener Fundraiser

car air freshener fundraiser

Custom car air fresheners are a fresh new trend in fundraising. Just think about it. Your supporters will be reminded of your group or cause every time they drive their car. You can order custom shaped car air fresheners with your school or club logo, mascot or design in any shape or any color(s) into a unique one-of-a-kind fundraiser that is different than anything done before. They appeal to students, parents and supporters alike. Car air fresheners are not perishable, have low minimum requirements, are easy to handle and are more affordable than you may think. The companies below offer a wide selection of custom car air freshener fundraising products for your next fundraiser.

Car Air Freshener Fundraiser Companies

29scents, Inc. - "A fresh way to fundraise". Customized car air fresheners are the only spirit fundraising product that uses sight and smell to attract attention. This is a fundraiser your whole community will see and want! Imagine how many people will see your school logo or your organization's design as an air freshener hanging from dozens of rear view mirrors all over town! You'll have repeat sales month after month, year after year! Don't use the same old, overdone fundraising product again this year. Easily make 100%, 200%, 300% profit for your group! Really!

More Car Air Freshener Fundraiser Companies

Air Beads ( are scented beads that can be used as a car air freshener. Unique item for your next fundraiser.

AirOMatics, LLC ( offers a custom car air freshener that fundraising supporters can smell, see and share.

Fundraisers 4U ( - We create custom shaped car air fresheners for fundraisers with your logo and information in any color on any shape.

Linda's Candles & More ( - Texas shape aroma ornaments are perfect car air fresheners and are a great fundraiser.

Mapleleaf Promotions ( - Custom car air fresheners, imprinted with your logo or message for a unique fundraiser.

My Air Freshener ( - Put your logo where it matters in your next fundraiser with one of our customer car air fresheners.

Stinky Things ( - Your source for custom car air fresheners. A sweet smelling fundraiser?

Trigon International ( - Custom car air fresheners with your organization's logo is suitable for a charity fundraiser.

TurpCo Industries ( - Our Wonder Wafers are an amazing car air freshener that can be used for your fundraiser.

Ummah Productions ( - Custom car air fresheners are an inexpensive and effective fundraiser for your school.

Word Scents, LLC ( - A fundraiser that shares the word of God with scriptural scented car air fresheners.

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