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Cheesecake & Dessert Fundraiser

cheesecake fundraiser

Cheesecake and dessert fundraisers are typically order takers. Companies will send you a fundraising kit with full-color brochures, order forms, order summary sheets, cover letter templates, and a how-to guide with step-by-step instructions. Your volunteers take orders and collect payment. When your cheesecake and dessert fundraiser is completed, you total up the individual order sheets and place your order along with payment. The company sends you the products and you deliver them to your customers. The companies below offer a variety of cheesecakes, pies, kringles, brittles, puffins, waffles, doughnuts, cinnamon rolls and other delicious pastry options for your next fundraiser.

Cheesecake & Dessert Fundraiser Companies fundraiser - Delicious cheesecake & treats. Offer a selection of ready to bake sinfully delicious cheesecakes, gourmet cookie dough, home-style muffin batter, hand twisted pretzels and more. Earn up to 56% profit! Free shipping! Get a free sample kit - toll free (1-888-440-4114)

Freckled Moose Fundraiser Freckled Moose Fundraising - Delicious Butter Braid pastries make fundraising easy with a $5.25 profit per pastry. Butter Braid pastries are hand-braided with mouth-watering fillings that you thaw, rise and bake. Freckled Moose offers pastry samples, presorted orders, incentive program, and much more, which makes fundraising a breeze! We have served areas of Pennsylvania for the last 15 years and can't wait to help your group. Please call us at 717-448-9318 or email us at to sign up today.

More Cheesecake & Dessert Fundraiser Companies

Andrews Candy Company ( -  We offer our most popular brittles to schools and organizations for fundraising events!

Any Kine Promos ( - Li hing wet mango, li hing pineapple, variety of Hawaiian shortbread cookies & promotional products.

Ashley Farms ( is the #1 cheesecake fundraiser in the country and for good reason.

Boston Tea Cake Company, Ltd. ( - Fundraising is easy with home-baked gourmet cakes that are the perfect alternative.

Cascon Cheesecake ( takes great pride in introducing our cheesecake fundraising program to your school or organization.

Carousel Cakes ( - We deliver your fundraising cheesecakes cakes and pies directly to your school free of charge for easy pick-up!

Cheesecake Aly ( - Fundraising for your group with our delicious cheesecakes and cheesecake gift certificates.

Cinderella Cheesecake Company ( has a long history for cheesecake  fundraising in the Greater Philadelphia Area.

Cinnagard, Inc. ( - Our Cinnabon cinnamon roll dough making, rolling and the baking of each fundraising ensures a tasty fundraiser.

Cinnamonster ( - World famous Rich'n Gooey gourmet cinnamon roll fundraiser. Individually packed.  

Claire's Gourmet ( cakes are so good for fundraising, you will want to recommend them to everyone you love!

Copper Creek Cookies ( - Our cookies are vanilla iced with an edible logo added to promote your team. Awesome fundraiser!

Country Maid, Inc. ( - Our Butter Braid frozen pastry products have enjoyed over 15 years of success in the fundraising market.

Dessertco ( - Gourmet (ready-to-bake) cookie dough, muffins, pies and brownie mix for fundraising.

Encore Fundraising, Inc. ( - Coffee, deserts and pies fundraisers for music departments, JROTC programs and vocational clubs.

Emch Fundraising ( - Our programs allow you to complete a successful fundraiser: Butter Braid, Classic Breaks & Pastry Puffins.

1 Stop Fundraising Company ( - We offer a wide variety of dessert fundraisers.

1st Class Fundraisers ( - Kringles are the simplest most delicious new pastry fundraiser your customers will love to eat!

Fundraising Solutions, Inc. ( specializes in distributing frozen food snack and dessert products for fundraising.

Grandpa Ray's Fundraising ( - Kringles are a unique fundraising opportunity with a great profit margin for your school.

IN-DEY-GO Fundraising ( offers delicious gourmet cookie dough, muffin dough, ready to eat cinnamon and sticky buns to fundraising groups.

Krispy Kreme ( has very low minimums for fundraising doughnut orders.

Lehmann's Bakery ( - Kringles are great for fundraising activities.

Lyman Orchards ( - Fundraising with Lyman Orchard pies!  

Maddalenas Cheesecake & Catering ( - Our fundraiser cheesecakes & apple pies are a great way to raise money for your school.

Max and Emily's Classic Cheesecakes ( can assist your group or club in organizing a profitable cheesecake fundraiser.

MCM Fundraising Inc. ( - Fundraising with Butter Braid Pastries and Lyman Orchard pies.

My Daddy's Cheesecake ( offers a cheesecake fundraising program.

O&H Danish Bakery ( - Why not try selling authentic Danish Kringle for your next fundraiser?]

Pacific Fund Raisers ( - We are the first company to sell cheesecakes as a school-wide fundraiser.

Piece of Cake Fundraising, Inc. (  Our fundraiser cheesecakes are not available through any other fundraising company.

Racine Danish Kringles ( - Our Kringle is a unique and tasty alternative to traditional fundraising fare. 

SkeDaddle Fundraisers ( - Great cheesecake fundraisers.

Tennessee Cheesecake Company ( - Our cheesecake fundraiser is perfect for just about any group.

Waffleman ( - "The Waffleman" fundraisers are all about a win-win opportunity.

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