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Coffee & Tea Fundraiser

coffee tea fundraiser

Coffee fundraising has been increasing in popularity over the past several years because virtually every household and business buys and drinks coffee. Some companies personalize the coffee packages with your groups name and logo. Most have low or no minimums. They are typically order taker fundraisers.  Companies will send you a fundraising kit with full-color brochures, order forms, order summary sheets, cover letter templates, and a how-to guide with step-by-step instructions. Your volunteers take orders and collect payment.  When your coffee fundraiser is completed, you total up the individual order sheets and place your order along with payment. The company sends you the coffee, tea or cocoa and you deliver them to your customers. Having said that, more and more companies are now offering online coffee fundraising options. For environmentally conscious groups, some companies use 100% organic coffee and one even donates its burlap coffee sacks to a local animal shelter to be used for bedding. Reorders can provide your organization with a perpetual source of funds. The companies below offer a variety of coffee, tea and cocoa fundraising options for your next fundraiser.

Coffee & Tea Fundraiser Companies

EZFund fundraiser - The ultimate in beverages - direct sellers or brochure sales! Gourmet coffees, cappuccino, teas, chai, smoothies, cocoa - something for everyone’s tastes! Give coffee lovers the ultimate in chocolate - caramel macchiato chocolate bar – for a coffee fundraiser call (800)991-8779!
JavaJavaMoola fundraiser - No risk coffee fundraising that is simple, easy and really makes money. Free color sales brochures, free label design and custom branding with no minimum orders, free shipping & no up front money. Enter our national YouTube video contest at People love our 31 premium blends and exotic flavored coffees and specialty drinks and will reorder again & again. Works for groups of one or one thousand. The easiest, most profitable fundraising you will find! Partner with JavaJavaMoola Trading Company to simply make a difference! (800) 851-9015.
Driven Coffee fundraiser Driven Coffee - Easy, profitable & fun! At Driven, we are dedicated to making your fundraiser a huge success. Each fundraiser campaign we run includes a dedicated Driven fundraising specialist whose purpose is to help you maximize your profits and reach your goals. Driven utilizes years of experience to roast the best 100% specialty grade coffee beans, and partners with a local chocolatier to add gourmet chocolates to the fundraiser product lineup. No minimums, no cash upfront, free custom labels, free shipping, and a far superior product. Call us at 800-561-6827 or visit and get started today!
Celebrating Home Fundraiser Fundraising With Candle Fundraisers - We offer several coffee and beverage fundraising brochures offering a variety of coffee flavors, single serve coffees, hot cocoa, tea, hot cider, and smoothie mixes! Our programs have no upfront costs and offer premium beverages, which are affordable, easy to sell, provide up to 45% profit, free packed-by-seller, free youth prize programs, and free shipping. We also offer spring and fall gift catalogs, cookie dough, candles, chocolates, home decor, jewelry & scarves, popcorn, tumblers, and more! To review our programs, to request free information, or to get started right away, visit our website. Call 1-860-384-3691.

Roasted Joe Coffee Co. - Easy, lucrative, and guilt free fundraising! All of our coffee beans are locally roasted & are 100% fair trade organic. We give you 50% of the profit as well as additional bonuses for coffee sold. Let your local coffee company help you with your fundraising needs.

More Coffee & Tea Fundraiser Companies

Annick Marketing ( - Specialty fund-raiser coffees and teas for many sport teams and schools.

BAKE & Co. Fundraising ( - Since 1993, we have offered fundraiser groups up to 50% profit and free shipping on gourmet coffee.

Baxter Tea Company ( - Our coffee and tea fundraisers are successful because we offer reasonably priced products.

Coffee City USA ( - Raise funds for your school, club, church or organization with something different and fun .... coffee fundraising. 

Frazzini Group, LLC ( - We brand our gourmet coffee and mugs with your logo for fundraisers.

Free Coffee Fundraising ( - No up-front cost fundraiser for your organization.

FundraisingCoffee ( - We've developed a simple gourmet coffee fundraising program.

Fundraising Is Easy ( can work with you to design a specific coffee fund raising program for your organization.

GIC Fundraising ( - We are a Christian owned national coffee fundraising company offering a delicious selection of fine gourmet coffee.

Global Coffee Fundraising ( - Why not offer fresh roasted coffee for your next fundraiser?

Java Dave's Coffee ( - Private label coffee fundraising program, great for printing a school's mascot or name right on the package.

Java Joey ( - Incentive fundraising selling. Sell fresh roasted Dominican Republic coffee-regular and flavored and great tasting loose tea.

Java Joe's Fundraising ( was created as a coffee fundraising alternative for schools and other organizations.

Javita Coffee Company ( weight loss coffee fundraiser. A product that almost everyone will love and use!

 Kaladi Brothers Coffee ( contribute time and resources is through participating in a multitude of Alaska's fundraising events.

Nashville Roast Coffee Company ( has a proven coffee fundraising program to bring profits of 45-50% to your group.

New Hampshire Coffee Roasting Co. ( - Coffee fundraising with us works well. Our coffees are fundraising sellouts.

Organic Fair Trade Coffee Company ( - Great coffee fundraiser for your church, school, club or group.

Savory Naturals ( - Ethical, premium quality gourmet coffees, teas and spice blends for your next fundraiser.

School Spirit Coffee ( offers private label gourmet coffee for your fundraiser.

SoCal Aloha ( -  Take advantage of our "no work coffee fundraisers".

Sturbridge Coffee Roasters ( - Roaster specializing in gourmet coffees from around the world for fundraising.

Some Like it Black Coffee ( - Your coffee fundraiser will start as an event, but lead to and grow into a regular source of income.

Toy Dog Coffee ( - A coffee fundraiser is the perfect thing to sell and raise funds for your organization.

Ugly Mug Coffee ( - You don't have to wonder who's going to be interested in your coffee fundraiser.

Vermont Coffee Company ( - We've created this coffee fundraising program for your non-profit organization. 

We Care Coffee Company ( - Launch the most successful coffee fund-raiser you've ever had!

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