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Cookbook Fundraising Ideas

cookbook fundraiser

Who hasn't seen or purchased a custom cookbook?  Fundraising cookbooks are a staple fundraiser for churches, reunions, schools, and all types of support groups for one reason ... they make money. Unlike the old days, most of the work can be done online. You can design your own cover or choose from stock designs. Most companies can provide personal pages with your groups information and photos. The more recipes you get, the more books you sell because everyone will want to get a copy with their recipe, plus extra books for friends and family members. Some companies offer ready-to-go cookbooks. You can also consider merchant advertising in the cookbook to defray costs. Cookbook companies usually allow organizations 30-60 days before final payment is due after shipment. The company below offers high quality cookbook fundraising options for your next fundraiser.

Cookbook Fundraiser Companies

Morris Press Cookbooks - Earn $4 or more per cookbook sold. Cookbooks are proven fundraisers and perfect keepsakes. Raise money and preserve treasured recipes for your church, school, club, or organization with a custom fundraising cookbook. With low prices, many options, and an easy-to-use guide, we make the process affordable, profitable, and fun! You supply the recipes and we'll do the rest.

Cookbook Fundraiser Testimonials

Morris Press Cookbooks: “I just wanted to let you know what a great experience our church had publishing a cookbook with your company. You were extremely helpful any time I called...Thank you for such beautiful books!” Heather E., Wisconsin

Morris Press Cookbooks: “I have been in education for 27 years and have completed many fundraiser projects. This was absolutely by far the best cookbook fundraiser I have been involved with. The quality of the product helped us sell them so quickly. We were sold out within 10 days of receiving the order!” Susan B., North Carolina

Morris Press Cookbooks: “We sold enough books the first 24 hours to pay for the entire order...[the cookbook] has been so well received that we are still trying to catch our breath. Thank you for such a wonderful product...we are thrilled.” Mary Jo L., Maryland

Morris Press Cookbooks: “The cookbooks are very attractive and will definitely be the best money maker our club has done yet! ...The online typensave was an excellent tool for us to be able to collect recipes fast and save money in the process.” Corey F., Kansas

More Cookbook Fundraiser Companies

Cookbook Company ( - Custom cookbooks are a very popular fundraiser.

Cookbook Originals ( - We help make the cookbook fundraising experience fun and enjoyable with personalized service.

Cookbook Publishers, Inc. ( has been turning recipes into fundraising successes with our cookbook fundraiser.

Cook's Palate ( - You may find that a cookbook fundraiser is a great project that you can collectively work on together. 

Creative Cookbook Company ( - Quality cookbooks and great service to help you sell them for a great cookbook fundraiser.

Fundcraft Publishing ( has helped thousands of groups reach their fundraising goals since 1940 with personalized fundraising cookbooks.

G&R Publishing ( - Why not sell custom cookbooks for your fundraiser?

Gateway Rasmussen ( - We help you create a beautifully designed cookbook that will enable you to have a successful fundraiser.

Jumbo Jack's Cookbooks ( - Since 1980, we have been a cookbook publisher for school fundraisers.

TasteBook, Inc. ( - The easiest way to earn cash for your school, church, or non-profit - the ultimate fundraising cookbook.

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