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Discount Card Fundraiser

discount card fundraiser

In today's economic environment, everyone is looking to save money which makes discount cards an attractive fundraising alternative.  Discount card fundraisers have a high profit percentage, no upfront costs and low minimum orders. The discount cards themselves are usually a wallet size plastic card with your organizations name and logo on one side and the participating merchants offering discounts on the back.  Whether you or the company secures the merchants for the card will affect you time investment and profits, as will whether or not the company will accept unsold cards. Cards typically expire in one year.  Discount card fundraisers can be done as a direct sale or order taker fundraiser. The companies below offer several quality discount card fundraising options for your next fundraiser.

Discount Card Fundraiser Companies fundraiser - Earn up to 70% profit with our popular discount card fundraisers. Choose from our Dinner and Movie Card, card and our fully customized Local Savings cards. Your supporters receive tremendous value which means quick and easy sales for your group. Get your free fundraising catalog (new!). Toll-free (1-888-440-4114)

Easy Fundraising Cards fundraiser

Easy Fundraising Cards offers top quality fundraiser cards with profits up to 90%. Call us at 1-800-543-4371 to get started right away. We offer all-inclusive pricing, we get the merchants and design your cards then send you a proof. After that we print and ship the cards all with no upfront money in most cases. Simply stated, nobody else provides you with the same features and quality for a lower price! Want great local merchants? Have us get them and you will see why other discount card companies hire us to get the merchants for their cards!

More Discount Card Fundraiser Companies

Above Ground Unlimited ( - A 25% off everything discount card fundraiser will provide exciting products to help with your cause.

America's Fundraising Network ( - Our discount card fundraiser: sell a product that people want to buy. 

Americana Ventures, LLC ( - Our community fundraising books are great for fundraisers.

Annah Marketing ( - Our discount cards offer an extra high percentage fundraiser with a product that appeals to everyone.

A-Peeling Fund Raising, Inc. ( - Our discount card fundraising program is simple.

Appreciation Cards, LLC ( - Coupon cards that include discounts to many of your favorite companies for fundraising. 

Atlantic Marketing With A-Peel ( - Our discount card fundraisers have brought local companies and fund-raising groups together.

Attractions Dining & Value Guide ( - Offers a discount book fundraising program for any group needing a fundraiser. ( - We offer several fundraising discount card programs.

Big Soo Coupon Book ( - We take great pride in supporting discount card fundraisers for schools and other non-profit organizations.

Black Hills Coupon Book ( - People actually want to buy our fundraising discount book because they will save more money.

Blue Heron Ent., Inc. ( - Our discount card fundraiser program is designed to maximize the amount of return to your organization.

BOGO Blue Fundraising, Inc. ( - People love fundraising discount cards because they save money each time they use it.

Card of Savings ( offers your organization a fast, easy, and risk-free discount card fundraiser.

Champion Fundraising, Inc. ( offers easy and successful discount card fundraising ideas for sports teams and schools.

Community Support Fundraising Co. ( - Affordable discount card fundraising for schools, teams, organizations and more.

Custom Card Fundraising ( - We will provide your group all of the tools to get the contracts for your discount card fundraiser.

Dine and Discounts Omaha ( - Fundraising discount cards for youth groups and schools in the Omaha area.

(The) Discount Card ( - Up to 80% discount card fund raising profit.

Dolphin Bay Fundraising ( - We offer any size group customizable discount card fundraising options.

Educational Marketing, Inc. ( has been a trusted leader in the fundraising discount card industry for years.

Entertainment Promotions ( -The Entertainment coupon book fundraiser is one of the most popular fundraisers.

ES Fundraising ( provides the highest quality discount card fundraising products at the most competitive prices available.

ESC Promotions ( - Reach your fundraising goals quick and easy with our discount card fundraiser.

Extreme Fundraising Group ( provides extremely high profitable fundraising discount cards in your local area.

Fantastic Fundraising ( currently produces discount coupon booklets throughout Southern California for fundraising.

Fundraising That Works ( - High profit, high value, community focused discount card fundraiser.

FundRays Inc. ( - We have been publishing fundraising discount coupon books for years.

Gift Checks Incorporated ( - If you want to have the easiest and most profitable discount book fundraiser around, look no further.

GMS Inc. ( - Discount card fundraising. No risk fundraiser.

Great Harvest Bread Co. ( - Each Salt Lake Valley bakery can support up to two discount card fundraising programs a year.

Great Lakes Scrip Center ( - When your non-profit organization takes advantage of scrip, your fundraiser is more successful.

Hometown Hero ( is not just another discount card. It's fundraising movement for schools, churches and teams.

Innovative Funding, LLC ( - Our discount card fundraising program is a quick and easy fundraiser.

Integrity Fundraisers, LLC ( - Our discount book fundraising program is 100% risk free and we do 95% of the work.

Jolly Badger ( - We aim to become the trusted leader in fundraising discount cards.

Krazy Kard Fundraising ( - The premier source for Domino's Pizza 2 for 1 discount card fundraisers. 

KY Fundraising ( - High profit, no hassle discount card fundraisers for Kentucky.

Lets Go Fundraising ( - We offer a quick, easy, risk-free discount card fundraiser.

Merchant Value Pass ( - This is a no risk, high return discount book fundraiser.

Midas Hawaii ( - Make money selling discount Midas Hawaii state safety check inspections.

MyCityDeals ( offers discounts of all kinds for fundraising.

My Local Deals, Inc. ( - Everyone uses discount coupons in this economy. how about one for your next fundraiser.

Niles & Associates, Inc. ( - Offers a fundraising discount card, customizable, one card, thousands of discounts.

Omaha Smart Card ( - Fundraising with our discount card offers a high profit margin for your school fundraisers.

One Source Fundraising & Promotions ( - Try our fast and easy 100% profit custom discount card fundraiser.

Our Town and All Around ( - Whatever your group supports, we've got the discount book fundraiser for you.

Peel-Deal ( - Discount card fundraisers make 50% or more profit while providing local advertising.

Pocket Peelers ( - Fundraising by selling this new pocket size peel-off fundraising discount coupon card.

RaiseSomeDough ( - Pizza discount card fund-raising with Domino's Pizza, Pizza Hut and Papa John's or a home town favorite.

RonDino Promotions, Inc. ( - Consider the #1 personalized discount card fundraiser in the industry today.

Savings Sidekick ( - Our discount coupon book is the perfect fundraising idea.

Scholars Discount Card ( - Our discount card fundraiser programs enable you to pinpoint your profits .

School Coupons ( - The system-wide school discount coupons program offers the highest retained earnings in the fundraising industry.

SchoolHeart, Inc. ( and the hCard program is a fundraiser that offers discounts in your community and across the nation. 

Scrip Pro Software, LLC ( - Software to manage your school fundraising scrip program. 

Sports Fundraising Network, LLC ( - We have your solution: our pizza key tag discount fundraiser! 

Sunset Coupons ( - The perfect discount card fundraiser for non-profits, schools, churches & youth groups.

TriQuest ( -  Discount card fundraisers are the ideal choice for fundraising and an leader in the industry in helping schools.

United Scrip ( - Scrip makes fundraising easy. You make it count!

ValueCard Fundraisers ( offer one-year discount cards fundraisers for local restaurants and businesses that you choose.  Students who sell 5 get one free. [Lubbock, Texas]

(The) VIP Card, Inc. ( - If you are looking for non-profit discount card fundraising, look no further.

Westmoreland Fund Raising ( - We  service non-profit organizations with our discount booklet fund-raiser.

Xtraman Fundraising ( provides the nation's #1 discount fundraising cards.

Your City Sampler ( makes fundraising simple by bringing discount cards with local and national brands together.

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