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First Aid & Safety Kit Fundraiser

first aid & safety fundraiser

First aid fundraisers offer an attractive alternative in situations where candies and snack foods are not allowed. They provide a product that supporters actually need.  First aid and safety fundraisers are traditionally order taker fundraisers but some companies also offer direct sale and online options. Companies will send you product samples, fundraising kit with full-color brochures, order forms, order summary sheets, cover letter templates, and a how-to guide with step-by-step instructions. Your volunteers take orders and collect payment. When your first aid and safety fundraiser is completed, you total up the individual order sheets and place your order along with payment. The company sends you the first aid and safety kits and you deliver them to your customers. The companies below offer several quality first aid and safety fundraising options for your next fundraiser.

First Aid & Safety Kit Fundraiser Companies fundraiser -No money up front - Make your community a safer place and raise money. Safety kits & products for the home, car, boat, cycling, camping, athletics… all reasonably priced. Earn 50% fund raising profit - free brochures - free shipping - Get a free sample kit – toll free (1-888-440-4114)

More First Aid & Safety Kit Fundraiser Companies

By Dezign ( - First aid kits for fundraising.

Code Ready ( - We provide you with the best quality of fundraising first aid kits.

CPR Savers & First Aid Supply ( - Our fundraising first aid kits are a very popular idea for school fundraising events.

First Aid Mart ( - Our first aid fund raising program is a new & unique way to raise funds for schools, churches, non profits and other group.

FirstAidProduct ( - Our first aid fundraising program ... simple steps to big profits.

First Aid Store ( - Fast, easy and unique approach to fundraising for your school, church, non profit or other group this year.

First-Fundraising ( - Fundraising with first-aid kits is easy, healthy and profitable.

MyInfo911 ( emergency ID card and sticker fundraising program, features a great product utilizing quick response codes.

On Duty, Inc. ( - 4 in 1 emergency tool: shuts off gas, shuts off water, pries open doors, digs through debris for fundraising.

Right Response ( - We'll give you everything you need for a successful first aid products fundraiser.

Safety Think Inc. ( offers The Emergency Beacon for fund raising. 

Service Fundraising ( - First aid kits have changed the fundraising landscape by providing a healthy, responsible fundraising opportunity.

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