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Flower & Flower Bulb Fundraiser

flower & flower bulb fundraiser

Flower bulb fundraising is an attractive, earth friendly fundraiser in today's environmentally conscious society. They are usually no-risk fundraisers and the bulbs are guaranteed to grow.  Flower bulb fundraisers are traditionally order taker fundraisers although some companies offer an online option that will provide direct shipment to your supporters. Companies will send you product samples (varies), fundraising kit with full-color brochures, order forms, order summary sheets, cover letter templates, and a how-to guide with step-by-step instructions. Your volunteers take orders and collect payment. When your flower bulb fundraiser is completed, you total up the individual order sheets and place your order along with payment. The company sends you the flower bulbs and you deliver them to your customers. The companies below offer several quality flower bulb fundraising options for your next fundraiser.

Flower & Flower Bulb Fundraiser Companies fundraiser - Spectacular selection of Fall (Nature In Bloom) and Spring (Art In Nature) fundraising flower bulbs - 50% profit! Free beautiful color order-taker brochures! Free delivery! Free pre-packing for each participant’s sales! Low minimum order! Your bulbs are guaranteed to bloom. We also have a complete selection of chocolate-covered pretzel rods, premium cookie dough, scrumptious cheesecakes, chocolate bars, lollipops, candles, popcorn and other top-selling fundraising items. Over 45 years of fundraising excellence. (1-800-441-8599)

Dutch Mill fundraiser Dutch Mill Bulbs cures the fundraising blahs! Tired of selling candy, subs, pizza, magazines, cookie dough, etc. - the "same-old, same-old?" Well, you're not alone. Your supporters are tired of it, too. Unhealthy food items and landfill fodder are a tough sell in today's health conscience, "go-green" society. Selling guaranteed-to-grow Dutch Mill Bulbs is a breath of fresh air for both you and your customers. They're economically priced, earth-friendly, and easy to sell. There's absolutely no risk! You earn at least 50% profit! We've helped groups exceed their fundraising goals for over 50 years. Call 800-533-8824 or visit today! fundraiser - Watch your profits blossom! - No money up front! These brochures do a wonderful job of portraying the true beauty of this fine selection of flowers. Choice of Spring or Fall fundraiser brochure. 50% profit! Free brochures! Free shipping! Get a free sample kit – toll free (1-888-440-4114)

EZFund fundraiser – Our flower bulb catalog offers beautiful 100% guaranteed to grow & bloom flowering bulbs all at 50% profit. Offer your supporters a chance to improve their surroundings & their communities with our gorgeous seasonal flowering bulbs & other products. This flower bulb fundraiser is another Go-Green product from

Nature's Vision fundraiser Nature's Vision Fundraising - Fundraising for a greener world! Over 150 top quality environmentally themed products including Animal Planet, World Wildlife Fund and organic tee shirts. Gift products include Nature's Gallery jewelry, natural soy candles, Bamboo collection, 100% cotton towels, and recycled material mugs. Nature's Vision fundraiser will help promote a positive image for your school and raise your student's environmental awareness. Free fundraising materials, individually packed orders, great prize program and group organizer bonuses. Hop on over to Nature's Vision and sign up for the best environmental fundraiser on the planet by calling us at 888-303-7533.
Touch of nature fundraiser

Touch of Nature offers an exciting and profitable flowerbulbs and perennials fundraising program to organizations that are serious about raising money. Our program is environmentally friendly, risk free, rewarding for your supporters for years to come, easy to sell and guaranteed to grow while earning a 50% profit for the organization. The brochures are free of charge and shipping for orders over 100 packages is free as well. You can also set up your on-line fundraiser. Please call us for details on this or for a sample packet at 1-770-237-0993 or on line at

More Flower & Flower Bulb Fundraiser Companies

Blooms By The Box ( - Fresh cut roses and carnations are our most popular fundraising flowers.

Bumblebee Fundraising ( runs successful flower fundraising projects that are perfect for schools, churches.

Colorblends ( - We are a third generation family-owned flower bulb fundraising company with over 90 years experience. 

!Express! Flowers ( - We supply fresh cut roses, carnations and other flowers for fundraising.

Flower Power Fundraising ( - Earn 50% profit selling guaranteed to bloom plants & bulbs!

Green Earth Growers ( -We think our locally grown, environmentally friendly plants are a good match for fundraisers!

Green Valley Greenhouse ( - We offer several flower fundraiser programs from which you can choose.

Hostas at Sissinghurst ( - Reach your fundraising goals with olive trees and its oil.

New Growth ( - Your non-profit organization gets up to 40% the fund-raising proceeds with our plants and trees!

Rose Promotions ( - Many fund raising groups have had phenomenal success selling roses using our fund-raising program!

Simple Fundraising Solutions ( - All of our fundraisers consist of potted blooming and non blooming plants.

Van Bourgondien ( - Sell flower bulbs and perennials for your next fundraiser.

Veseys ( flower bulbs & seeds fundraising information kit contains everything you need to plan your fundraising campaign.

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