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Fruits & Veggies Fundraiser

Fruit, Oranges, Apples & Onions fundraiser

From Florida oranges and grapefruits to Washington apples and pears- from sweet Vidalia onions from Georgia to Idaho's famous potatoes- fruits and vegetables make great fundraising products, especially if the product in question is not one readily available in your area.  Your organization can contact one of the companies below and arrange to have that delectable but hard-to-find fruit or vegetable shipped to you in bulk and ready to sell to all the potential donors in your area.   Maybe it's February and you're snowed-in in Chicago, you can still get a juicy taste of summer to your buyers in the form of citruses from Texas, Florida or California.  So the next time your fundraising committee meets to discuss what to sell as a fundraiser this year, think fruits and vegetables! The companies below offer some quality fruit, orange, apple and onion fundraising programs which could be perfect for your next fundraiser.

Featured Fruits & Veggies Fundraiser Companies

Farm Fresh Fundraising - The healthy solution in fundraising! Tired of selling cookie dough, candy bars and gift wrap? This is an easy, tasty and healthy way to raise money for your school, group, club or organization. Be healthy and raise money with our fresh California fruit!

More Fruits & Veggies Fundraiser Companies

Braddy Farms, Inc. ( - We have Vidalia onion fund raiser packages to fit your particular fund raising program.

Duda & Sons ( - When it comes to fundraising, nothing beats the sweet taste and natural nutrition of fresh Florida oranges and grapefruit.

Florida Indian River Groves ( - The leader in fruit sale fundraising for high school bands, FFAs, churches, and civic organizations.

Fruits & Veggies More Matters ( - Try selling apples and pears using our fresh fruit fundraising program.

Golden Harvest Fruit Sales ( - Turn our fresh picked Florida citrus, into fundraising cash for your group! 

Glennville Produce Co.( - We provide a fundraising alternative with Vidalia sweet onions.

Idaho Preferred ( resents a one-of-a-kind fundraising featuring fresh, local products from our very own Idaho farmers and ranchers!

Langdon Barber Groves ( - Our mission is to create unique and successful citrus fundraising programs.

Mixon Fruit Farms, Inc. ( - Florida oranges and grapefruit that your fundraiser group buys by the truckload and sells by the carton.

Morris Farms ( - We have Vidalia sweet onion fund raiser packages to fit your particular fund raising program.

New York Apple Association ( - Everyone loves a healthy, crunchy New York Apple fundraiser.

Parker Indian River Groves ( - You can raise a large amount of money with citrus sales regardless of the size of your group!

Premier Fundraising ( offers premium oranges and grapefruit as a fun, nutritious, and extremely profitable fundraiser!  [Salem, Oregon]

Riverbrite Citrus (  Fundraising with Indian River, Florida citrus and Michigan apples.

River Royal Fund Raising ( - We have the fresh, natural way to big fundraising profits with guaranteed Texas citrus.

River Star Farms ( offers schools and organizations the opportunity to raise money through its fresh fruit fundraising program.

Riversweet Citrus ( - Fund raising programs for high school bands, clubs, churches, and other nonprofit organizations using Florida citrus fruit.

Stepp Produce Company ( - Fund-raising with citrus products is a very easy way for a church or any other type of civic group.

Sun Groves, Inc. ( - Sell our Florida fruit baskets as part of your fundraising efforts.

TexaSweet ( fundraisers will guide you through your fundraising project with our Texas grapefruit and oranges.

Vidalia Onion Fundraising ( - We are a family business that offers a simple and profitable fundraising process through fresh Vidalia sweet onion sales.

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