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Green & Environmentally Friendly Fundraiser

 green & environmentally friendly fundraiser

Environmentally friendly fundraising, also known as eco and green, has increased dramatically in the past few years and encompasses a wide rage of products and activities. Current options available on our site includes scented pencils and pens made from recycled newspapers, flowers and garden products, reusable shopping bags, all natural candles, and environmental themed and organic wearing apparel. The types of fundraising programs for these programs vary widely so you will need to discuss your preferred option with the companies directly.  The companies below offer a wide variety of green and environmentally friendly fundraising options for your next fundraiser.

Green & Environmentally Friendly Fundraiser Companies

EZFund fundraiser - Our Go-Green fundraising program lets you help protect our planet with our new DoDo Bag fashion bags plus our Go-Green scented Earth candles are a great candle fundraiser & burn cleaner for healthier air quality! Or try our $1 sellers Smencils and $2 Smens made with biodegradable plastic and recycled newspaper! Call 800-991-8779 to get started with your free selling kits. fundraiser has helped schools, youth sports, church groups, community organizations and charities raise approximately $71.7 million over the past 15 years. Our green fundraisers have become very popular because of the huge success groups have with them. People enjoy purchasing these products. Not only are they supporting a good cause (your fundraiser), but they are being environmentally friendly at the same time. A few of our top green fundraisers are: Dodo bags, flowers and earth candles. Our quality products, highest profit guarantee and team of fundraising experts make all the difference! Get your free fundraising catalog (new). Toll-free (1-888-440-4114)
Dutch Mill fundraiser Dutch Mill Bulbs cures the fundraising blahs! Tired of selling candy, subs, pizza, magazines, cookie dough, etc. - the "same-old, same-old?" Well, you're not alone. Your supporters are tired of it, too. Unhealthy food items and landfill fodder are a tough sell in today's health conscience, "go-green" society. Selling guaranteed-to-grow Dutch Mill Bulbs is a breath of fresh air for both you and your customers. They're economically priced, earth-friendly, and easy to sell. There's absolutely no risk! You earn at least 50% profit! We've helped groups exceed their fundraising goals for over 50 years. Call 800-533-8824 or visit today!

More Green & Environmentally Friendly Fundraiser Companies

Doctor Klear, Inc. ( - 50% to your fundraising cause. Eco friendly & OSHA approved cleansers that work.

EnviroBottles ( - Wrap-N-Mat fundraisers give you excellent profit margins while promoting the use of reusable sandwich wrappers.

EnviroVogue ( - We offer chic, eco-friendly totes, insulated bags, phone cases, tablet sleeves and more for fundraisers 

Froggy Fundraising ( - We're all about helping our schools with an earth-friendly household paper and cleaning products.

Generations Go Green ( - Students sell from a list of green fundraiser product packages of their choice.

Love a Tree ( manufactures environmentally friendly custom fundraising products such as gift bags and tote bags.

OSM Inc ( - Sell green (green goods) get green (20-25%+) for your fundraiser.

Safe Spray ( - Environmentally friendly fundraiser that helps reduce waste, prevent pollution, and protect local watersheds.

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