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Greeting Card & Giftwrap Fundraising Ideas

greeting card giftwrap fundraiser

Greeting card and stationery fundraisers are traditionally order taker fundraisers. Companies will send you product samples (varies), fundraising kit with full-color brochures, order forms, order summary sheets, cover letter templates, and a how-to guide with step-by-step instructions. Your volunteers take orders and collect payment. When your greeting card & stationery fundraiser is completed, you total up the individual order sheets and place your order along with payment. The company sends you the greeting card & stationery and you deliver them to your customers. The companies below offer several quality greeting card, calendar and stationery fundraising options for your next fundraiser.

Greeting Card & Giftwrap Fundraiser Companies – Greeting cards and holiday shoppers. Offering both affordable and the highest quality greeting cards, lovely gift items and tasty holiday treats, allowing everyone to afford to support your group. 50% profit, Free shipping! Get a free sample kit - toll free (1-888-440-4114)

Greeting Card & Giftwrap Fundraiser Testimonials "Seven of the kids in our school sold over $200 each, and everybody had a good time on the greeting card fundraiser." Michael, Bleckley County Middle School "The customer service we received from Niki on our greeting card was so wonderful, we made her an honorary family member!" Sabrina, Taylor Family Club "I appreciate the fact that you total everything up for us, and do all of the hard work! Thanks for an easy greeting card fundraiser!" - Alison Schulman, Kiddie Academy Of Syosset "We were really happy with how the greeting card fundraiser turned out, so much so that we're planning on doing it again very soon." - Pamela Mushrush, Trip Funds and Venturing

More Greeting Card & Giftwrap
Fundraiser Companies

A+ Fundraising Partners ( _ Wide variety of gift wrap fundraising programs and school services in the St. Louis and metro area.

Calendarfundraising ( created fundraising calendars for several schools and charities.

Charleston Wrap ( - Let us show you just how dedicated we are in helping you achieve your fundraising goals with our giftwrap fundraiser.

CreatePhotoCalendars ( - Create high-quality custom photo calendars fundraiser for your organization.

Custom Studios ( - Turn a photo into beautiful cards for fund raising!

DigiLabs ( - Create a custom fundraising photo calendar for your group with pictures, group dates and sponsor information.

Emerald Valley ( - Great giftwrap fundraiser for any organization.

FundraisingZone ( - If you are planning a wrapping paper fundraiser then you have come to a company that can help.

Gordon Bernard Co. ( - Printing customized calendars for fundraising since 1949. 

Great Day Fundraisers ( - Provides some of the finest products used in the giftwrap fundraising industry.

HappyMail, Inc. ( - Fundraising with gift cards boxed sets.

Hockey Spirit Fundraising. Ltd ( - Our calendars are one-of-a-kind fundraising idea for hockey fans.

Indiana Ribbon, Inc. ( - Gift wrap fundraiser assortments and packs of gift bows for fund raising for school projects. 

Innisbrook ( - Highest quality gift-wrap fundraisers available.

KidsKards ( - Personalized greeting cards for school fundraisers.

Lyziwraps ( - A reusable gift wrap fundraiser with a message.

Maredy ( - Get ready for fall with our new gift wrap fundraising catalog. You will find a great selection of gift wrap fundraising ideas.

Masterpiece Fundraising ( - Our customers are groups who need wrapping paper products for their fundraising event.

Mid-Atlantic Fundraising, Inc. ( has over 25 years of giftwrap fundraising experience.

MyPhotoCreations ( - Create a custom fundraising photo calendar from your organization and include sponsor information.

PrintPlace ( - Fundraising calendars are an excellent fundraiser for your cause.

Resource Solutions ( - We offer a great gift wrap fundraiser brochure.

Shutterfly ( is your partner in online calendar fundraising.

TK Fundraising ( - 2 year calendar planners for pocket or purse for fundraising.

Williams Stationery Co., Inc. ( - Supplying the stationery fund raising needs of schools, churches and fraternal organizations since 1933. 

Yearbox Custom Calendar Printing ( - Custom fundraising wall calendars and desk calendars.

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