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Honey Fundraiser

honey fundraiser

Honey fundraisers are sweet and healthy! They are typically order takers. Companies send you a fundraising kit with full-color brochures, order forms, order summary sheets, cover letter templates, and a how-to guide with step-by-step instructions. Your volunteers take orders and collect payment. When your honey fundraiser is completed, you total up the individual order sheets and place your order along with payment. The company sends you the hone and you deliver it to your customers. The companies below offer a variety of honey fundraising programs to consider for your next fundraiser.

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Honey Fundraiser Companies

African Bronze Honey Project ( - Unique fundraising project that empowers African beekeepers while raising money for your group.

Bee Folks ( - We offer kosher-certified honey for fundraisers. 

East Coast Honey ( - For a pleasant change, how about offering a totally healthy alternative fundraiser like golden delicious honey?

Heavenly Honey ( - Our honey is a truly unique, profitable, and popular fundraiser.

John Russell Honey Company ( - Without a doubt, we produce some of the best un-processed, natural, farm-fresh honey for fundraising.

ORT Honey From the Heart () honey fundraiser, where you can buy our 100% pure Kosher clover honey.

Rosh Hashanah Honey ( offers discounted kosher honey for fundraising programs.

Top Fundraisers ( provides honey fund-raising programs for schools, churches, sports teams, organizations or any group in Canada.

Wessels Family Honey ( - We offer 40% of sales of our honey products for your fundraiser.

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