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Beef Jerky Fundraiser

beef jerky fundraiser

There aren't many non-vegetarians that don't love jerky. Jerky is one of those great snack items that is portable, doesn't require refrigeration, won't get crushed or smooshed and won't spoil, perhaps that is why it is a favorite staple of hikers and campers, but it's also the perfect snack to take to the races, to pack in the car for those long road trips, or to eat while watching your kids play soccer. Have you ever thought of selling jerky as a fundraiser? All the same qualities that make it a great snack also make it a great fundraising item, it travels well, doesn't spoil, doesn't have to be refrigerated, so basically, you can sell it anywhere. There are all kinds of jerky, of course beef jerky is the most common, but even beef jerky comes in a wide variety of flavors, from "original" to spicy to teriyaki to sweet and hot, there's peppered jerky, buffalo-style jerky, garlic jerky, just to name a few, and that's not even getting into turkey jerky, venison jerky, or actual Buffalo jerky. So next time your fundraising committee meets to discuss what fundraising product to sell this year, why not suggest jerky? These fundraising companies would be happy to discuss your fundraising campaign and goals with you. The companies below offer some quality beef jerky fundraising programs which could be perfect for your next fundraiser.

Beef Jerky Fundraiser Companies

EZFund fundraiser - Jack Link's beef jerky fundraising is a healthy alternative to sugary snacks! We offer many varieties, with most giving you 45-50% profit! Call (800) 991-8779!
Here Comes Money Fundraising

Here Comes Money Fundraising - Jack Link's beef jerky fundraisers are a low fat, high protein satisfying snack choice. It's a perfect taste treat for anyone following the popular low carb, high protein diets. Beef jerky is low in sugar and is packed with minerals like iron and zinc. Minerals designed to sustain your immune system, improve concentration and power you through your active day. Beef jerky meets most state food ingredient requirements for school food programs. Jack Link's beef jerky fundraising is a healthy alternative to sugary snacks! fundraiser - We’ve got the beef in fact we offer the superior Jack Links brand, the very best in beef sticks! They are an excellent alternative to candy bars. Sell them for $1.50 - $2.00 each and earn up to 60% profit. They come in convenient carry cases which can convert to sales display cases. Shipping is free and you can order as little as 1 case at a time. Get the beef to raise the dough! Get a free sample kit (1-888-440-4114)

More Beef Jerky Fundraiser Companies

Ben's Jerky ( - Call us to review your options for beef jerky fundraising success.

Calgary Meats ( - Beef jerky has proven to work very well for fundraisers.

Cattaneo Brothers, Inc. ( - A unique selection of very beef jerky items for your fundraiser.

Don's Lazy S Jerky Mfg. Corp.( - Our jerky is a fantastic fundraiser with no minimum purchase required.

Jack Links Beef Jerky ( - The perfect on the go snack for beef jerky fund-raising.

Jeff's Famous Beef Jerky ( - Have a beef jerky fundraiser to raise money for your local community group. 

Jerky Jerks ( - Whether school, sports or any other project, our beef jerky products make an excellent fundraiser. ( -  It's "Luther's Jerky" for everybody's fund raising needs. ( - Fundraising with exotic game jerky and meat sticks is a great way to bring something different into your fundraising.

Oberto Sausage Company ( - Beef jerky for fundraising. 

Raven Brand Products & Deli ( - Beef jerky fund raising program for children's programs and money needs.

Tillamook Country Smoker ( - TCS jerky fundraising offers a several different flavors and sizes to choose from.

Triple T Meats ( - Beef up your funds with Triple T's beef jerky fundraisers!

Werner Gourmet Meat Snacks, Inc. ( - Individually wrapped beef jerky fundraiser meat sticks ready to sell.

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