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Online Fundraiser

online fundraiser

Online fundraising can maximize your sales because you can easily reach supporters through word of mouth, email, Facebook, and Twitter, while still conducting a traditional fundraising program locally. Your free, personalized online store is open 24/7, and involves no door-to-door selling. Your supporters can order from wherever they live because purchases are shipped directly to them. Your group receives a percentage of sales without ever touching the products themselves. The companies below offer a several quality online fundraising options for your next fundraiser.

Online Fundraiser Companies

EZ Fund fundraiser - Start your free online magazine fundraiser. It's easy to get started. No door-to-door sales. Free incentives for your sellers. An EZ way to reach family and friends nationwide. Call 800-991-8779 to get started with your free selling kits.

More Online Fundraiser Companies

BLIE Enterprises, Inc. ( - Create and publish an online calendar for your group as a fundraiser.

Booster, LLC ( - Our fundraising program involves selling custom t-shirts online

Fantasies in Glass ( - We provide a shopping website for an online jewelry fundraiser.

Kay Pierce Fund Raising ( - Online fundraising, where relatives and friends can support the effort even if they live across the nation.

My Online Fundraiser( was developed as a simple way to raise money for any cause with online fundraising.

NachoBirthday ( - New way to raise funds. Celebrate life everyday by using the day you were born to make a difference.

ScoreTRAX ( is an SMS score update service that provides fundraising opportunities for schools and teams at all levels.

ShopForStudents ( is a 24/7 online fundraising store.

Spy Fly Fundraising ( is an automated, online fundraising program integrated with our national Stop Bullying Campaign.

StartDonation ( - Receive up to 20% from purchases at the popular online store fundraiser. 

Strategic Commerce ( - Innovative online & no cost approach to fundraising, using gas & electric utility services.

text2give, Inc. ( is a 1-click fundraising donation where the amount goes on the donor's cell phone bill.

TNS Enterprises ( - Make money with your own free fundraising online store, complete with hundreds of products.

(The) Wiser Shopping Store ( - We offer a unique online fundraising program with a high profit margin.

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