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Pretzel Fundraiser

pretzel fundraiser

Who doesn't love a nice warm soft pretzel? Whether you like yours with or without salt, dipped in mustard or peanut butter, you have to admit that sometime nothing hits the spot like a fresh pretzel! Now, unless you live near a boardwalk or there happens to be a pretzel stand in your neighborhood, chances are you don't get to indulge that craving very often. That's what makes pretzels a great fundraising product- because while we don't necessarily go around thinking about pretzels, when we see a fresh pretzel stand, we invariably want one. These companies can help you with your fundraising campaign by giving you the means to set up a pretzel stand at your next fundraiser or to sell fresh frozen pretzels to your supporters so they can make them at home. Yummy! The companies below offer some quality pretzel fundraising programs which could be perfect for your next fundraiser.

Pretzel Fundraiser Companies fundraiser – We all love to snack! Our Snackin' in the USA program is the #1 nuts and snacks fundraiser in the USA! It contains 26 popular salty, sweet and spicy snacks which sell to your supporters for only $7 each! You make 50% profit, and it's free to start! Let's get started! Get your free fundraising catalog (new!). Toll-free (1-888-440-4114) - Everyone loves chocolate covered pretzel rods and you can raise thousands selling three delicious flavors including Chocolate Chunk, Rainbow Sprinkles and Crunchy Toffee. You earn 40% on these fast $1.00 sellers and our minimum order is just 1 case. Plus, shipping is free. Visit us at or call 1-800-457-2501 for free samples.

More Pretzel Fundraiser Companies

Auntie Anne's (  Our pretzels can help you make some dough for your fundraiser.

Different Twist Pretzel Company ( - Our pretzel bites are the perfect answer to your fundraising needs.

Dutch Country Soft Pretzels ( - Heat and serve delicious soft pretzels for your next fundraiser.

Gettysburg Pretzel ( - Pretzels are an easy to sell, there's a wide selection of pretzel products, for your fundraiser.

Gus' Pretzels ( -  Fresh pretzels are a new twist on fundraising ideas.

Hot Soft Pretzel Company ( - Our 4-pack pretzel makes a terrific fundraiser for groups of all sizes. [Fort Thomas, Kentucky]

Mar-Chele Pretzels ( - Our extensive pretzel fundraising experience and great pretzels enable us to assist you.

Ned’s Pretzels ( - We offer a variety of different pretzel products through our fundraising program.

Paradise Pretzels ( - Our "jammin' good" pretzel products are made with the finest ingredients for fundraising.

Peterson's Pretzels ( - We will set up our custom pretzel cart and sell our freshly baked soft pretzels at your next fundraiser.

Pocasset Pretzel Company ( - We want to give back to our community that has been so giving to us with our pretzel fundraisers.

San Diego Pretzel Company ( produces hand made artisan soft pretzels and pretzel dogs for fundraising.

Smitties Pretzels ( - Put the fun back into fundraising by using Smittie's pretzels.

The Painted Pretzel ( - The Pretzelicious Pretzel Knots are now available to help your fundraiser be a success.

Twirly Girl Baking Co ( - We are excited to announce our pretzel fundraisers for schools, churches and other organizations.

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