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Sauces, Salsa, BBQ, Spices & Jelly Fundraiser

Sauces, Spices, Dips & Jelly Fundraiser
Sauces, Spices, Dips & Jelly Fundraiser

So many yummy things come in jars - jellies, jams, BBQ sauce, salsa, marinades and more! They're conveniently packaged and usually shelf stable while sealed, meaning no refrigeration required and they travel well. And that means you can sell them just about anywhere, and THAT means they make awesome fundraising products. People love to find special sauces and jams and flavored butters, they love to "discover" a great marinade or spice blend or an unbelievably tasty salsa and they love to be the first one to share these items with all their friends and family. They make great housewarming gifts and hostess gifts, they even make great party favors to take home and when you put a bunch of them together in a basket you've got a fantastic gift for just about anyone on your list. Why not set up a booth at your next fundraiser and offer tasting samples? You'll sell out in no time flat! The following fundraising companies would love to supply you with everything you could possibly want to make your next fundraising campaign a huge success.

Sauces, Salsa, BBQ, Spices & Jelly Fundraiser Companies - Minimum 50% profit!!! We custom label with your organization’s name and/or logo. No label set up charges. We offer a variety of gourmet spice blends – Cajun lemon pepper, garlic butter, chicken seasoning and all purpose gourmet. We also have gourmet salsa – original and habanero. Free shipping for orders over $500. Toll-free 1-888-242-2669.

More Sauces, Salsa, BBQ, Spices & Jelly Fundraiser Companies

Casa De Jorge Salsa ( - Sell 12 gourmet salsa at 50% profit. Each jar come with a healthy cooking recipe idea to use the salsa with. Sell something different for your next fundraiser.

Crimson LSpicefundraiser.comion ( - Sell delicious gourmet dip mixes and earn excellent fundraising profits for your team, charity, benefit, school, etc.

Darn Good Dips! ( - Our gourmet dip mixes, olive oil blends and dessert mixes are perfect for fundraising!

Dreamland Bar-B-Que ( - Our BBQ offers an easy, unique and fast money making fundraiser for your group.

Em-Ing's, Inc. ( - Gourmet sauces, carry-out, catering, and fundraising.

Ford's Gourmet Foods ( - Plan a fundraiser with Bone Suckin' Sauce. We offer 5 different fundraising programs based on your needs!

Fundraising Specialist ( - Offers soups & spices, chocolates, nuts, candies, coffee, cheese and sausage for fundraising.

Glen Farms Herbs & Preserves ( - Fundraising has the sweet taste of success with our personalized preserves fundraising program.

Goldson Gourmet ( introduces a new program allowing community non-profits, organizations, and churches to raise money.

Gridiron, Inc. ( - Our barbeque sauce is a great fundraiser versus other fundraising products.

Jaba Foods ( - Try our gourmet hot sauce for a unique and exciting fundraiser.

JB's Fat Boy ( - Who doesn't like BBQ? With our fundraising program you can sell any JB's Fat Boy rub or sauces for 50% profit margin.

Judecraft Specialty Foods ( - Inquire about our successful wholesale dip fundraising program.

Little Dip Will Do Ya ( - Make your next fundraiser with our gourmet dips for all occasions.

Poivre des Iles ( - Put some "spices" in your fundraising.  Unique spice mixes, more than 100 specialized products, products of Quebec.

Sucklebusters ( is considered one of the top fundraising sauce product suppliers in the United States!

Sugar 'N Spice ( - Our spices are top of the line, fresh and commonly used so that everyone would use them. Great fundraiser!

Tasty Tidbits ( - A healthy fundraising alternative - dips and cheese ball mixes, marinades, dessert mixes, pasta sauce mixes, beverage mixes.

TK Fundraising ( - Spice up your fundraising with our delicious salsa with customized labels. Two great flavors!

Top Fundraisers of East Texas ( - 'In A Jam' jams and jellies are always a popular fundraiser.

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