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Scratch Card Fundraiser

scratch card scratchcard fundraiser

Scratch card fundraising, also called scratch off card fundraising, offers one of the highest profit percentage of all fundraisers. They come in different sizes but generally they are customized with the groups name and logo, are easy to transport and require low minimums. Unlike the scratch off cards you receive at fast food restaurants where you win a prize, supporters simply scratch one or more dots on the card and donate the amount uncovered to your group ... usually ranging from $.50 to $3.00. Typically supporters are provided free coupons for their support. The companies below offer several quality scratch card fundraising options for your next fundraiser.

Scratch Card Fundraiser Companies

Skratchers fundraiser Skratchers fundraising offers America’s #1 scratch card fundraising program. It’s new, unique and definitely the most profitable! Why make 50% profit with traditional fundraisers, when you can make up to 90% with the Skratchers scratch cards? Our scratch cards come in 4 colors, we customize each with your group logo, and your supporters receive over $50 value in coupons as a Thank-You for their donation. To keep it simple, fun and profitable, get your 90% profit free fundraiser kit. Toll-Free 1-888-800-9506 - Pennies To Dollars is the only scratch card that features full color custom pictures of your group along with your message and in your group colors. Raise up to $141.00 on every card. Shipping is free. Visit or call 1-800-457-2501 for free samples and ideas on how to maximize your sale.

ABC Fundraising offers the highest profit on your next scratchcard fundraiser- guaranteed! Earn up to 97.6% profit with our brand new Spinners fundraising program. ABC Fundraising also offers the highest profit on scratch cards, cookie dough, Auntie Anne’s Pretzels, discount cards and candle fundraisers. Get free samples now! No money up front needed. fundraiser - Make 90% profit in record time! America's #1 scratch card. Best coupons for your donors - Pizza Hut, Subway, JC incentive prizes: Blockbuster & McDonald's. Up to 90% scratch card fund raising profit! Free shipping! Free name & logo your cards- Get a free sample kit – toll free (1-888-440-4114)
EZFund fundraiser - With your group's photo printed on the cover of your scratchcards, fundraising is as personal as it is quick and easy! Custom scratchcards are a great way to add team, school, club or group spirit to your fundraising efforts. And, this simple program makes it easy for you and your group to reach your fundraising goals. Call (800) 991-8779!!

More Scratch Card Fundraiser Companies

FastTrack Fundraising ( - Scratch card fundraisers are an easy way to ask for donations.

FirstWay Fundraising ( - Every scratch card fundraiser booklet for your order is customized with your group's name and logo.

Healthy Fundraising USA ( - Our unique scratchcard fundraising system has eliminated the major problems of fundraising.

Outreach Fund ( - Offering small, local non-profits of any size a variety of scratchcard fundraising programs.

Promo Printing Group, Inc.( - America's most profitable fundraising scratch cards fundraisers just got better!

RaiseSomeDough ( - The benefits of our scratch card fundraising program are quick, easy, and highly profitable.

Scratch To Give ( - Scratch card fundraising for schools, churches, cheerleaders, sports teams, booster clubs, soccer, education and more! 

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