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Special Event Fundraiser

special event fundraiser

Special event fundraising encompasses a wide range of activities. Which one is right for your group depends on the number of volunteers and interest of your prospective supporters. If you are working with a commercial event provider, most will provide detailed information and helpful hints on how to produce your fundraiser. Regardless of which one you select, don't fail to raise additional funds with add-ons such as food sales, mementos, etc. The companies below offer a wide variety of special event fundraising options including donkey ball, trivia nights, compatibility matching, speed booths, flamingo flocking, and a variety of other interesting ideas for your next fundraiser.

Featured Fundraiser Companies fundraiser has helped schools, youth sports, church groups, community organizations and charities raise approximately $71.7 million over the past 12 years. Whether you're looking for more budget-conscious fundraisers, green fundraisers, healthy fundraising options, or traditional fundraising products, has it all. We take great pride in our product quality, offer you only the best selection, give you superior support before and throughout your fundraiser, and guarantee the highest profit. Visit us or call one of fundraising experts to answer all of your fundraising questions. Get your must have free fundraising catalog. Toll-Free 1-888-440-4114

Special Event Fundraiser Companies

Alaska Aces ( - Sell discount vouchers to Aces games as a fundraiser.

All Pro Wrestling ( - Pin down big fund-raising profits by forming a tag-team with us.

Amer-A-Thon ( - A computerized "Run for Profit" service which yields unusually high fund-raising results.

Ann's Events Inc. ( has 10 years of successful fundraising event-planning.

Athletix Fundraising's ( Fundraising through the sale of tickets for pro sports pools using our software and website delivery system.

Bat-A-Thon ( - Raise big bucks if you are a youth baseball organization with kids up to 12 years of age with our bat-a-thon event.

Buckeye Donkey Ball Co. Inc. (  - Your profits show why we are the #1 donkey ball fund-raising show on the road today!

Champion Golf Events ( - Combined walkathon with golf tournament is a great fundraiser.

CharityMania! ( - Unique sweepstakes fundraisers based on the excitement of professional and college sports.

Circle A Donkeys ( - Fund raising with donkey basketball or softball is a sure way to make an easy profit.

Data Match, Inc. ( - Compatibility matching fundraising provides students with compatibility between students in their school.

Earp Events & Fundraising ( - We're a full-service event planning and fundraising firm offering more than 20 years of fundraising experience. ( - Provides information about planning a fundraising golf tournament, as well as free advertising.

Fun Services ( - Santa's Secret Shop, holiday gift shop fundraising - MN, SD, ND.

Great American Merchandise & Events ( - Our Derby Duck Race creates a unique fundraiser event.

Harlem Rockets ( - Comedy basketball at its best. A great family show and fund-raiser.

Holiday Shoppes Unlimited ( is your one stop shop for all your in school fundraising gift shop needs.

JH Distributors ( - We are your fundraising and entertainment experts, one of the largest companies in North Carolina. 

Kids Korner of Albany ( - Full service holiday shop & fundraising distributor, representing: Kids Korner Gift Shoppes.

Knoxville Lawn Crashers ( - We have you covered with our flamingo flocking fundraiser.

Matchmaker ( - The Matchmaker fundraiser is the most profitable fundraising activity you will ever try. 

Mody Company ( - The pitch-a-thon and kick-a-thon programs are exciting, interactive fundraisers with proven success.

Molyn Enterprises, Inc.(  - A small world in-school gift shop fundraising program.

New England Championship Wrestling ( - Family friendly attraction that can turn your hometown into a community event fundraiser.

Party Productions ( can help you with everything you need to put on your next fundraiser.

Party Rockers Entertainment ( - Canada's #1 fundraising entertainment company. Free video dance fundraiser.

Playtogive, Inc. ( is revolutionizing the way nonprofits conduct fundraising with an online game contest.

Pop-A-Shot, Inc. ( - Electronic basketball systems for your next fundraiser.

Professor Jamz ( and his Lab Assistants lead students in a funky lesson fundraiser with kid-appropriate creative movement and dancing.

Pumpkin Patch Fundraisers ( - We help churches and non-profit organizations with their fundraising by selling pumpkins.

Quality Wholesale, Inc. ( - Home of KidSmart Holiday Shoppes, also specializes in fundraising of all kinds.

Stratum Laser Tag( - Earn more than $1000 in one night or 20% of laser tag sales for a day at the world's largest laser tag arena.

Trivia Cafe ( - Raise thousands of dollars for your school or organization with a live team trivia contest fundraiser. 

Trivia Night in a Box ( - Everything you need to host a perfect fundraising event including trivia night questions and all handouts.

Union Project ( can provide the musical entertainment for your next charity dance, benefit dinner, or special event.

Via Colori ( - An art festival fundraiser that features dozens of artists creating large-scale masterpieces directly on the city streets.

Walk-A-Thon Services, Inc. ( - Help groups reach their fundraising goals in "one hour".

Woodall Fundraising ( - Ask about our parties: bingo, giant inflatable's, chickens with eggs, a DJ, money wheel and so much more!

Zeecraft Tech ( - Manufacturers of QUIZ BOWL products and accessories for use in fund-raising events. 

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