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Unique Fundraising Ideas

new unique surprises fundraiser

Unique and something different fundraisers are in high demand because groups often want to "do something new and different".  We have included a number of such ideas in this listing, mainly because they just don't fit in a standard category. Many of the products can be customized for your organization. Because they represent such a wide range of products, there is no one distribution method although most will be order taker fundraisers. The companies below offer a wide variety of different and unique fundraising products for your next fundraiser.

Unique Fundraiser Companies

Smencils – and Smens.  Gourmet scented pencils and pens made from 100% recycled newspapers. They come in 20 mouth-watering scents that are guaranteed to last for at least 2 years. These are a truly unique and very effective fundraising product. They're super easy to sell and they sell fast. Not only do they smell great, but they're good for the environment too. It's fundraising with a purpose: "Saving pencil at a time” and “Helping our planet…one pen at a time". Call us at 1-866-SMENCILS (763-6245) or by email. - Make 90% profit in record time! Skratchers is a unique, fun and highly profitable way to raise funds. Your supporters scratch a few circles to reveal their total donation and in return, receive a coupon sheet with great offers from Pizza Hut, Subway, JC Penney, Target and other merchants! We'll print your name and logo on every scratch card. Get a free sample scratch card (new!). Toll-free (1-888-800-9506)

Uncle Jerry's T's - America's favorite tee shirt, beach towel and gift fundraising company featuring something for everyone! Thirty years of fundraising success helping thousands of groups raise millions of dollars selling our top quality, affordably priced products.  Free fundraising materials, individually packed orders, great prize program and group organizer bonuses. Number one in shipping and customer service. Easiest and most successful fundraiser you'll ever do. Call today 800-556-2887.

Fun Pasta Fundraising! - New and unique! Pasta in “fun shapes” like cheerleaders, sports, and holidays with over 60 collegiate team logos! Up to 50% profits with affordable price points. Sell from our brochure and also online with your group’s personalized web link, to share on Facebook with all your out of town friends! Free brochures & free shipping! Great prize packages include iTunes or Wal-Mart gift cards. Visit or call 1-800-247-0188. Have Fun, Eat Pasta, Raise Money! - Spirit Sleeves… a hot new fundraising idea. Choose your school colors from our large selection of color combinations. Show your spirit in the stands, classroom, or just taking a jog on a cool morning. Order your Spirit Sleeves today!

Pride Distributors, Inc. - Create "Your Town"-Opoly custom board game. Raise $10,000-$50,000+. No risk, and have fun doing it. Call Harriet at 1-800-451-5442 for a free getting started fund raiser kit & sample game for "show and tell". (No cost or obligation). Think about what this can mean for you. You can create a collectable board game, showing off the best of your community, while raising thousands of dollars for your group. How great is that! Call Harriet to get started. All of us at Pride will help you do it. – Proven fundraising ideas to help you reach your fundraiser goals and objectives with fundraising strategies & advice and a variety of fundraising tips as well as reviews on the most popular fundraising products. An excellent resource for first time and seasoned fundraisers.

Star Fundraising - Tired of the same old products? Then look no farther. We offer 70+ products with up to 85% profit to help you earn lots of $$$. You need funds then we can help you by custom designing your fundraising program to fit your groups needs, which will give your group a larger profit. (866-225-4037)

School Mate Fundraising – Earn 50% profit selling cookbooks, scrapbook kits, journals and more. This is a no-risk fundraiser for your church, school, or fundraising organization. Order only what you pre-sell. We also offer a prize incentive program.

Nature's Vision Fundraising - Fundraising for a greener world! Over 150 top quality environmentally themed products including Animal Planet, World Wildlife Fund and organic tee shirts. Gift products include Nature's Gallery jewelry, natural soy candles, Bamboo collection, 100% cotton towels, and recycled material mugs. Nature's Vision fundraiser will help promote a positive image for your school and raise your student's environmental awareness. Free fundraising materials, individually packed orders, great prize program and group organizer bonuses. Hop on over to Nature's Vision and sign up for the best environmental fundraiser on the planet by calling us at 888-303-7533.

Unique Fundraiser Testimonials

Smencils: “We raised $6,000 with the Smencils program this year.” - Georgia Halliman, Alpine Elementary PTO, CA "I wanted to let you know we were very satisfied with our product and service with We look forward to using your services again next year. Thank you!" Melissa, Summit School Student Council

Fun Pasta Fundraising!:  We had a very successful fundraiser last holiday season. You were so organized and it was so different from the usual, looking forward to doing it again!  Lori D.

Pride Distributors, Inc.: We had wonderful success with 'Townopoly' and easily made over $10,000. As you know, we ordered 500 games and sold them for $25 each. Some games went free to advertisers. The selling of the games was actually effortless. We had people asking for more. You were wonderful to help me out with all my questions, whether they were silly or not and whether I needed to call once or several times in a day. The information in the packet was excellent. All I had to do was become familiar with the way the game works. Debbie H., Fund Raising Coordinator, North Lincoln High School "Could we have one more box of smelly [Smencils] pencils. The box we just got has already been sold!! I told the kids we would try to get them here ASAP. They really are a hit here. Thanks again for all your help."  "We were very happy with the service that we received from JustFundraising. Our profit is going towards our Young People's Department for group activities and trips." Carolyn, Mt. Pleasant Baptist Youth Group

Uncle Jerry's T's: "I wanted to thank you so much for all you have done to make our fundraising a HUGE SUCCESS. You have been very patient, informative and supportive in all our dealings. You are running a GREAT COMPANY and I always recommend you to all my friends."  Cheryl Holley; Educator, New York

Smencils: “This is the fourth time we’ve ordered Smencils and they’re still going like crazy.” - Lisa Pecoraro, Violet Elementary, MI

Fun Pasta Fundraising!:  Hey. Just had to daughter took her Fun Pasta Fundraiser to my sons football practice and sold over $130 in 10 minutes! A huge hit and something for everyone!  Kristin S.

Pride Distributors, Inc.: We were sold out in less than 6 months. The strategy we used to sell the board spaces generated a lot of interest from both current and past residents of Enderlin. An overwhelming success! 0ur organization made approximately $12,000. Your company was a great help. All our questions were answered and you went above and beyond to meet our requests in developing our game "Enderlinopoly". That help ensured our success! Tamara, Enderlin

More Unique
Fundraiser Companies

A Night On The Town ( offers a unique fundraiser for animal shelters and any medium to small non-profit organization.

Batteries For Dollars ( - Our unique battery fundraiser provides the industry's best batteries to the consumer at comparable prices. ( - Batteries are a perfect fundraising choice.

Big Paw Designs ( has created several pet treat fundraising program to help rescue groups and non-profits.

Carolina Batteries ( -This fundraiser provides industry's best batteries to the consumer at lower than retail prices.

Custom Sports Jewelry ( - Selling custom team colored sports jewelry is a new and different fundraiser.

Desert Star Plastics ( - Acrylic collection/donation containers offer a new fundraising alternative.

Designs by Lucinda ( - Our highly unique fundraising pins affect awareness for the non profits selling them.

Elegant Sports Jewelry ( - We provide a profitable method for raising funds.

Enginuity LLC ( - Unique fundraiser with educational games. Especially good for middle schools!

Esther's Fine Jewelry ( - We are a leading fine jewelry fundraiser in Southern California.

Fun Wrappers Personalized Event Favours ( creates unique personalized Stick People notepads for fundraising.

Got Toast Doggie Treats ( - Pet treats offer something new and different for your next fundraiser.

Grinning Beagle Productions ( - Fundraising with dog rescue books written by dogs to support their brothers and sisters in animal shelters.

HCI Fundraising ( offers a fundraising program that puts the fun into raising money with our jewelry and fashion accessories.

Illuminated Fundraising, Inc. ( - Unique yard crosses as fundraising opportunities for churches and parochial schools.

Innovative Plastics ( - Our donation containers are perfect for all your fund raising needs. 

In Play Sports Fundraising ( provides unique sweepstakes fundraisers based on the excitement of professional and college sports.

Interstate Batteries ( - Interstate's fundraising batteries offer something different for your next fundraiser.

In Your Faith Productions ( - Christian bumper stickers for your next fundraiser!

Jewelry Cares ( - Put the fun back into fundraising with one of our dynamic, exciting jewelry-related fundraising programs!

Ken Joyner Products ( - CoinHugger is a unique new fundraiser that allows groups to raise quick & easy funds with minimum effort.

KickN-Power ( offers battery fundraising for your school, PTO/PTA, sports, band, clubs, church.

Kompas Fundraisers ( can help you make your next fundraising event both fun and profitable with batteries.

Ladybug Blessings ( - A uniquely different fundraiser, lotions, balms and creams.

Marianne's Solmate Socks, Inc. ( - Would you like to sell Solmate Socks as a unique fundraiser for your non-profit organization?

Mark Klingaman Fundraising ( - A jewelry fundraiser is perfect for any group.

Masquerade Fundraising ( - The most recognized and requested hospital jewelry fundraising partner in the country.  

Matchmaker ( - The Matchmaker fundraiser is the most profitable and unique fundraising activity you will ever try. 

Medic Batteries ( - Our fundraiser provides industry's best batteries to the consumer at lower than retail prices.

Mochie Enterprise ( - Our Flush Doggy dog waste bags offer a unique fundraiser for dog shelters, dog parks, schools.

Moonbabies ( is proud of the work we have done through our custom fundraising jewelry. ( - Real pearls in the shell, in their own see through can offer a unique fundraising alternative.

Park Lane ( - Our jewelry fundraising program can meet and exceed your fundraising needs!  

Perfume Fundraising ( - A fundraiser that offers something different, 1000 perfume fragrances for both men and women.

Pet Star Corporation ( - Easy, no cost, fundraising in the growing pet industry!

Plastics Products Mfg. ( - Placing a donation container in a high-traffic area can be a unique way to raise money.

RADA Cutlery ( fundraising features 100% made in the USA kitchen products - a different kind of fundraiser.

Raleigh Gold Jewelry & Coin ( - Our Cash for Gold Jewelry fundraising events are among our most successful parties!

Shavonne Corporation ( - A unique fundraiser selling our fashion and sterling silver jewelry.

SNJ Enterprises ( - IntellMatcher, the "next-generation" matchmaker fundraiser for something new and unique.

Spin Art USA ( - Spin art on flying disc & Frisbee and other craft projects for a unique fund-raiser.

Sports Signs ( produce possibly thousands of dollars with a lot less effort for a unique fundraiser.

Suntan Hawaii ( - Premium sun care products and no risk fundraising program.

Surfix Inc. ( - Acrylic donation containers provide an easy way to have a successful fundraiser.

Tags For Pets ( - Sell our personalized pet tags as part of your fundraising project.

Ted E. Bear's Toy Factory ( - We will bring our mobile stuffing machine to your school event for a truly unique fundraiser.

Value & Purpose ( - Charity donation cans, pushke or pushka, tzedakah boxes for fundraising are profitable.

Wow! Imports ( - Consider a unique fundraising opportunity with our handmade silver and gold name jewelry.

WWWAYNE, Inc. ( - Our charity collection boxes, coin games and stands are a great fundraising alternative.

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