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Bottled Water Fundraiser

bottled water fundraiser

Bottled water is everywhere, but I bet you never considered selling it as a fundraiser for your organization. The average person consumes over 30 gallons of bottled water every year, this according to The Beverage Marketing Corporation, which has been tracking sales and consumption of beverages for 36 years. 36 years ago, the bottled water industry did not exist, now you can't walk down the street, go to the gym or watch your kids play soccer without seeing people drinking bottle water everywhere you go. Did you know there are lots of bottled water companies that can put your organization's logo on the bottle? Think of all the water your organization could sell at community carnivals, craft fairs, sporting events and parades! If everyone's going to be drinking bottled water everywhere you go, then it might as well be YOUR bottled water with the profits going to your great cause, don't you think? The companies below offer some quality custom bottled water fundraising programs which could be perfect for your next fundraiser.

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Bottled Water Fundraiser Companies

High Country Bottling Company - Custom label bottled water fundraisers are healthier fundraisers! Everyone buys bottled water these days. It's the healthiest beverage on the planet! Our premium water is guaranteed fresh, without pollutants or additives! Organize a school-wide water sale! If you're on an elementary school PTO or PTA, why not organize a school-wide water sale during teacher conferences? Ask every parent to purchase 1 case of 24 bottles. They can use the bottles in their kids' bag lunches, for field trips, or to give to relatives and friends when they come to visit. Click Here!

Amanda Hills ( - Custom labels on award-winning spring water with any message you may want for a fundraiser.

Bottled Water Store ( - Will help you create and produce your own 'private label' bottled water fundraiser!

Bulletin Bottle ( water bottles can be printed with your logo, artwork, or message and resold in your community as a fundraiser.

Custom Bottles of Water ( can play a role in your fundraising event.

Designer Water USA, Inc. ( - Healthy bottles of water can be personalized with your groups' information to be sold as a fundraiser.

Good Hydration ( - Healthy fundraising alternatives can generate continuing support for your team or organization.

Hansen Beverage Company ( - A natural bottled water fundraising program.

Harford Glen Water ( - Your fundraiser can promote your school organization or team with your personalized private label bottled water.

Kimbro Water Company ( participates regularly in bottled water fundraisers for churches, schools and non-profit organizations.

Liquid Assets Bottled Water ( - For schools, church groups and athletic teams, private label bottled water a terrific fund raiser.

Mill Brook Water Company ( - We place your logo on the label of our pure premium spring water for your next fundraiser.

Mineral Springs ( - Let us custom label bottles of pure spring water with your custom logo, message for fundraising.

Premier Label Water Company ( - Let us guide you to bottled water fundraising profits.

Smokey Mountain Bottled Water ( - Reach your fundraising goals with our special deals on bottled water.

Ultra Pure Inc. ( - Ultra Pure is dedicated to helping your bottled water fundraiser.

(The) Water Store ( - Let us show you how to take full advantage of the fundraising potential in bottled water.

Yum Drops Flavoring ( - Natural flavoring drops for water can make a great fundraiser.

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