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Idaho Fundraising Companies

Idaho fundraiser

The economy of Idaho City originally developed around gold mining in the 1860s and if your organization would like to mine some fundraising gold in Idaho, look to these Idaho-based fundraising companies for ideas on how to make your next fundraising campaign a huge success. Get way more than just small potatoes for your fundraising efforts!

Featured Fundraising Companies

Uncle Jerry's Tees fundraiser Uncle Jerry's T's - America's favorite tee shirt, beach towel and gift fundraising company featuring something for everyone! Thirty years of fundraising success helping thousands of groups raise millions of dollars selling our top quality, affordably priced products.  Free catalog fundraising materials, individually packed orders, great prize program and group organizer bonuses. Number one in shipping and customer service. Easiest and most successful fundraiser you'll ever do. Call today 800-556-2887.
EZ Fund fundraiser - Want something different? We have a variety of unique and profitable catalog fundraising programs such as … holiday shopper, fall flower seeds, candles, and gourmet snacks. Brochure fundraising has something to meet every groups needs. Call 800-991-8779 to get started with your free selling kits.

More Idaho Fundraising Companies

Enhanced Fundraising Systems ( - Does your organization need $5000 to $25, 000? Contact us today to see how our discount certificates and books can solve your fundraising needs. [Boise, Idaho]

Farm Fresh Fundraisers ( - Earn some serious money for your hard fundraising efforts with Idaho potatoes. Our proven techniques and high quality farm fresh produce allows schools raise desperately needed cash to fund equipment, travel, uniforms, etc. [Idaho Falls, Idaho]

Fund Raisers, Ltd. ( offers superior engraved bricks, products and services that enable our clients to exceed their fundraising goals. [Boise, Idaho]

Idaho Preferred ( presents a unique and one-of-a-kind fundraising opportunity featuring fresh, local products from our very own Idaho farmers and ranchers! This fun and easy fundraiser features healthy products everyone can use, and creates excitement by offering students the opportunity to sell something new and different-while learning about Idaho agriculture. [Boise, Idaho]

Image Maker Enterprises ( - Journals, bookmarks, stationery, chocolate 'n card sets, and boxed cards for fundraising. High quality and affordable gifts with scenic photographic images. [Boise, Idaho]

Infinity Fundraising ( - All of our fundraising products come from 100% locally owned and operated businesses with several of those participating in the Buy Idaho program. These products and services are high value, high profit, and easy to sell. [Boise, Idaho]

Totally Catholic Fundraising ( - This year skip the pizza coupons and the candy bar sales. Make 50% profit on our bigger ticket items and put religious goods in the hands of the people who support your program. You'll fulfill your financial goals while your supporters enhance their own Catholic walk. [Eagle, Idaho]

Victory of Idaho ( takes pride in providing teams and programs with the best fundraising products on the market. [Idaho Falls, Idaho]