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North Dakota Fundraising Companies

North Dakota fundraiser

The Lewis and Clark expedition encountered their first grizzly bears in North Dakota. If you've been having a bear of a time fundraising for your organization, perhaps one of these North Dakota-based companies can help you out. With products as varied as jewelry, fireworks and cereal, you're bound to find a unique and profitable fundraising product for your next campaign- without encountering any terrifying grizzlies!

Featured Fundraising Companies

EZ Fund fundraiser - Want something different? We have a variety of unique and profitable catalog fundraising programs such as … holiday shopper, fall flower seeds, candles, and gourmet snacks. Brochure fundraising has something to meet every groups needs. Call 800-991-8779 to get started with your free selling kits.

North Dakota Fundraising Companies

Carlisle Cereal Company ( - Feature your local home town Stars on a 9 ounce box of golden flakes of corn cereal. A really unique fundraiser. [Bismarck, North Dakota]

Integrity Fundraisers, LLC ( - Our discount book fundraising program is 100% risk free and we do 95% of the work for you. [Grand Forks, North Dakota]

Strategic Fundraising ( - We take pride in providing quality fundraising, membership, and back-end operations services for not-for-profit and political organizations. Place your valued donors in the hands of a fundraising partner you can trust.. [Fargo, North Dakota]