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Utah Fundraising Companies

Utah fundraiser

Native Utahans range from the infamous Billy the Kid to the wholesome Donny & Marie, and the fundraising companies of the Beehive State are just as diverse. From lapel pins to discount cards and auctions, your company should be able to find its next fundraising campaign from the Utah-based companies listed below.

Featured Fundraising Companies

EZ Fund fundraiser - Want something different? We have a variety of unique and profitable catalog fundraising programs such as … holiday shopper, fall flower seeds, candles, and gourmet snacks. Brochure fundraising has something to meet every groups needs. Call 800-991-8779 to get started with your free selling kits.

Utah Fundraising Companies

Great Harvest Bread Co. ( - Each Salt Lake Valley bakery can support up to two discount card fundraising programs a year for each of our neighboring high school areas. [Salt Lake Valley, Utah]

Medallion Fundraising ( is an excellent source to turn to when you are looking for an effective fundraiser. We offer candles, mixes, Smencils, cookie dough and Little Caesars pizza, pies and cookie dough. [Riverton, Utah]

Pin Pros ( - Customizable lapel pins allow you the freedom to depict your organization’s logo and a meaningful message for your fundraiser. [Layton, Utah]

Richard O'Keefe Fundraising Auctions ( - If producing a successful fundraising event is a result of doing certain tasks, then anyone, regardless of their background or experience, can be successful. They just need to know the tasks. [Salt Lake City, Utah]

TriQuest ( -  Fundraisers with TriQuest are the ideal choice for fundraising and an leader in the industry in helping Draper, UT high schools raise funds quickly with discount cards. [ Draper, Utah]

Utah Fundraising ( - We work hard to have the best, newest, and most innovative cookie dough, pizza kits and discount card options available for your program's fundraising needs. [Salt Lake City, Utah]