Basketball Team Fundraising Ideas

Basketball teaches teamwork, sportsmanship and is great exercise.  Many youth basketball teams hold fundraisers for uniforms, travel expenses, equipment and more.  Some basketball teams use their facilities as a fundraiser for other worthy causes.  Fundraising can be challenging in a slow economy, so creativity is key.

The first challenge of fundraising is to come up with an event or idea.  In Pleasantville, NY, the MVP Basketball Camp sponsored a Ping Pong Tournament fundraiser so that hundreds of underprivileged children, as well as children of family members serving in the U.S. Armed Forces would be able to attend free weeks of camp. In Addison, IL, the Northeast DuPage Special Recreation Association’s Jr. Bulls, a wheelchair basketball team for youths with disabilities, play in a fundraising exhibition game against the Addison Police Department, to raise money to offset travel costs as they travel to the National Wheelchair Basketball Association championship tournament.  The policemen of course were required to play in wheelchairs, a task much easier said than done.  Fundraisers by other basketball teams include student-faculty games, dinners, restaurant nights, and raffles.

Check out our complete list of fundraising products and do-it-yourself fundraising ideas for your next basketball team fundraiser.

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Basketball Team Fundraising Ideas

You can also choose from a wide variety of Basketball DIY fundraising ideas to supplement your  program.  How about a reverse raffle, center court toss, Grocery Bagger, egg and beg, kiss the pig, best legs, food fight or thons of every type?  Perhaps one of these successful and creative ideas can be adapted for your next basketball team fundraiser.

Squeegee Day –  This is an easy fundraiser. What we do is ask people at a local drive thru to donate money to have their windshields washed.  Read  more…

Balloon Bust – Fill a couple hundred balloons with helium and slips of paper redeemable for prizes or cash, or (10 percent) ‘Thank You Please Try Again’. The fundraising prizes can be a free Coke if Coca Cola is helping sponsor event. You could have an early bird prize about ‘Guess The Number of Balloons’.  Read more…

Best Seat in the House – First, find a sofa to use. This fundraising raiser involves raffling off tickets for a student and two friends to win the best seat in the house. Tickets are sold throughout the week prior to a game. Before a volleyball, basketball, or football game announce the winner. The winner gets to sit on the sofa with two of his or her friends.  Read more…