Bowling Team Fundraising Ideas

Okay, you’ve assembled your team, come up with the perfect team name and signed up for the local league. Now you just need a fundraising idea to buy the uniforms, equipment and pay league dues. Or maybe you have all that stuff covered but you’d like to incorporate bowling into a fundraiser for a worthy cause.

One of the biggest decisions is often deciding what type of fundraiser to do. Obviously, as a bowling team, you can hold a bowling event, that’s a no-brainer, but what about something just a little different but still with a bowling theme? In Fremont, CA, the Cloverleaf Bowling League throws an annual fancy-dress event Bowling Ball fundraiser. In Chattanooga, TN, the local Big Brother/Big Sister organization, (who are BIG on bowling fundraisers) decided to have a Bowling Pin Decorating Contest Fundraiser. The pins were purchased by the public at a local bowling alley, taken home, painted and decorated in creative and often hysterical ways and brought back to the alley by a set deadline date. Fundraisers by other bowling teams include tournaments, candy sales, car washes, and movie nights.

Check out our complete list of fundraising products and do-it-yourself fundraising ideas for your next bowling fundraiser.

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Do-It-Yourself Bowling Team Fundraiser

You can also choose from a wide variety of bowling team DIY fundraising ideas to supplement your program. How about a Karaoke Night, Favorite Photos Contest, Money Jar, Cookie Sale, or thons of every type? Perhaps one of these successful and creative ideas can be adapted for your bowling team fundraiser.

No Talent Contest – Organize a talent contest fundraiser where the contestants purposefully perform badly. Suggestions: singing out of tune for an entire song, silly and failing magic tricks, dance routine out of sync, etc. Charge $1 for admission. Place a sign at the entry point that states the entry fee is $1, exit fee is $5.  Read more…

Nude Calendar – A nude calendar is certainly not appropriate fundraising for all groups but there is a growing number of organizations who have determined that they can raise funds with this eye-opening alternative and have a little fun at the same time. The words ”naked” and ”calendar” used to conjure up images of Playboy pinups. The new fundraising calendars, which show more wrinkles than curves, are the antithesis of glossy calendars with professional models, and that’s precisely why they’ve become such a hit.  Read more…

Flamingo Flocking – For this fundraiser, purchase 10 pink plastic flamingos (lawn decorations). Pick 10 yards in your community to be the lucky recipients. Attach cards to the flamingoes’ necks with a phone number along with all the pertinent information regarding your group. State that for a $10 donation, the flamingos will be removed but for $15 they will be moved to the lawn of their choice.  Read more…