Masons, Shrine & DeMolay Fundraising Ideas

Originally many of what are known as “benevolent societies” were founded in the days before social security, welfare and life insurance, groups of like-minded people would join together and pool funds so that in the event that something happened to one of them [injury on the job, death, old age] there was a sort of fund set up to take care of the worker, or take care of their families. So, originally, the Masons (or Freemasons) were, well, masons. Today, groups like the Masons, Shrine & DeMolay Lodges mostly hold a fundraiser for charities. Each group may have their own favorite cause, The Shrine fundraising goes almost exclusively towards children’s hospitals, for example, but they all want their own fundraiser to stand out amid the rest.

One of the biggest decisions is often deciding what type of fundraiser to do. In Anchorage, AK, the annual Al Aska Shriners have been bringing the world famous Vidalia Onions to Alaskans for more than 25 years, with their annual fundraising Vidalia Onion Sale. In, Nottinghamshire, England , swimmers signed up to the Freemasons of Bassetlaw’s annual swim-a-thon. Swimmers aged six and over took part in the event which was fundraising for Bassetlaw Scouts and The League of Friends of Bassetlaw Hospital. Fundraisers by other Masonic, Shrine & DeMolay Lodges include dinners, auctions, car shows, raffles, restaurant nights, pancake breakfasts, product sales, and horse shows.

Check out our complete list of fundraising products and do-it-yourself fundraising ideas for your next Masonic, Shrine & DeMolay Lodge fundraiser.

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Do-It-Yourself Masons, Shrine & DeMolay Fundraiser

You can also choose from a wide variety of Mason, Shrine and DeMolay Lodge DIY fundraising ideas to supplement your program. How about a Bakeless Bake Sale, Cow Pie Bingo, Reverse Raffle, Donation Containers, or thons of every type? Perhaps one of these successful and creative ideas can be adapted for your group’s fundraiser.

Lottery Raffle – We use this fundraiser in conjunction with one of our lunch socials or other community events to further raise money for our organization. We use a straw wreath decorated with ribbon that coordinates with whatever holiday or season it happens to be. We ask the members of the fundraising committee (usually about 20 people) to donate two $1.00 instant scratch-off style lottery tickets. Read more…

Time & Talents – For this fundraiser, instead of asking for donations from your members and supporters or selling a specific product or service, consider giving money away! This relies on your volunteers and supporters individual ideas, talents, dedication, and their willingness to do something special for your organization.  Read more…

Canoe Joust – For a donation to support the Bowers Beach Fire Company in Bowers Beach, Delaware, teams participate in the annual Canoe Joust Fundraiser. A jouster must cleanly hit their opponent straight on; no swinging is allowed. While the jousters try to keep their balance atop their mid-canoe platform, the two paddlers on each team maneuver the boats around. Read more…