Military Fundraising Ideas

Our men and women in the armed services deserve our respect and admiration, but many servicemen and women need more. There are many groups which hold a fundraiser for the military, to help military families and injured soldiers, among many other reasons. Fundraising can be challenging, but it is also rewarding, especially for so worthy a cause as your country’s military men and women.

One of the biggest decisions is often deciding what type of fundraiser to do. In Edmonds, WA, the Lynnwood Bowl and Skate hosted a fundraiser to support non-profit efforts for local military families. The combination bowling alley/skating rink teamed up with a local artist who attempted to break the (unofficial) world record for the most caricatures drawn in one hour.  In England, an armed forces fundraiser, in support of Help for Heroes and the Soldiers, Seamen, Airmen and Families Association, featured a performance from the Brize Norton Military Wives Choir, as well as local bands and artists. Fundraisers by other military groups include product sales, auctions, raffles, care packages, motorcycle rides, bake sales, casino nights, and dinners.

Check out our complete list of fundraising products and do-it-yourself fundraising ideas for your next military group fundraiser.

Pretzel Rods 970×90

Do-It-Yourself Military Fundraiser

You can also choose from a wide variety of military DIY fundraising ideas to supplement your program. How about a Karaoke Night, Movie Night, Raffle Table, Blind Auction, or thons of every type? Perhaps one of these successful and creative ideas can be adapted for your military fundraiser.

Flag Subscription – This is an ongoing fundraising idea. Basically, it is a service where your group installs a nice national flag in the front yard of the subscriber on each of five or more patriotic days. The flags are put out early in the morning and retrieved in the evening. This is particularly appropriate for Scout group fundraising. Read more…

Celebrity Autographs – Write every celebrity you can think of and ask for an autographed something to auction off at your fundraising event. Lots of people collect autographs of the rich and famous. Send best-quality, blank note cards to famous people with a POLITE request for them to sign the supplied cards and the reason why you are asking. These guys may not be home, so be patient. Read more…

Text Donations – You have seen ‘Text to Give’ fundraising campaigns after major natural disasters. Why not consider doing the same for your organization? The United Performing Arts Fund, Milwaukee, WI, launched its first mobile giving campaign. Read more…