Donation Container Fundraiser

This is perhaps the simplest fundraising campaign you can do, and should bring in a steady stream of income all year long, month after month. You’ve seen them everywhere, donation containers emblazoned with the non-profit organization’s name on it sitting on the check-out counter next to the register, encouraging folks to drop their spare change to help the cause, whatever the cause may be. Or maybe you’ve seen those big donation boxes at grocery stores and department stores for dropping off canned goods or toys for tots at Christmas time. Did you know some of them are specially designed so that only an authorized member of your group can open them? Did you ever notice that some of them are secured with a chain? Did you ever stop to wonder where the organization got the actual donation container from? Chances are they got them from one of the companies we have listed below, and they’d be happy to design a donation can, jar or box to boost your group’s fundraising efforts. The companies below offer some quality donation container fundraising programs which could be perfect for your next fundraiser.