Music CD Fundraiser

Music soothes the savage beast- or so they say, but can music help your organization reach its fundraising goals? The answer is yes. There are companies out there who can make a CD (or even a DVD), using your music (or your footage) and then put it all together with custom packaging and have it ready to sell at your next fundraiser – how cool is that? Maybe you want to put together a compilation of your school’s band performance, or your church choir’s angelic voices, or your local orchestra’s latest greatest hits, and then sell the CD’s at their next performance, game or service as a fundraiser to help them buy new uniforms or instruments or help with travel expenses to an out-of-town competition. Most high schools and universities have a fight song and most have a school band, a glee club, an orchestra, and or a choral that would love to perform on a special edition CD or DVD that their friends, classmates and family can purchase to help support the school program they love so much. Alumni and local fans will want to have the CD to play next time they are tailgating outside the big game. If you love this idea, but have no idea where to start, contact one of the fundraising companies listed below and they’ll be happy to get you started on your next fundraiser.