Portrait, Team Photo Fundraiser

Why not consider a team photo or portraits for your next fundraising event? We have listed just a few of the thousands of local photographers who are willing to set up a portrait stall or area at your next fundraiser. Typically, your group will get to keep 100% of session fees, or sitting fees and the photographers make their money by selling the resulting portraits, or you can work out a percentage of sales deal for a large event. You can set up antique portraits with fun costumes that fit your theme, you can offer digital portraits with special effects like a mixture and black & white with color or starburst effects, you might even be able to set up a green screen and offer almost any background imaginable! Portraits are a natural for school fundraisers, graduations, proms and sporting team photos, class photos, special events, just about any aspect of school life you want to capture and remember forever. If you want your next fundraising event to be memorable, what better way than to offer your guests a lasting portrait to commemorate the event? The companies below offer some quality portrait and team photo fundraising programs which could be perfect for your next fundraiser.