Pretzel Fundraiser

Who doesn’t love a nice warm soft pretzel? Whether you like yours with or without salt, dipped in mustard or peanut butter, you have to admit that sometime nothing hits the spot like a fresh pretzel! Now, unless you live near a boardwalk or there happens to be a pretzel stand in your neighborhood, chances are you don’t get to indulge that craving very often. That’s what makes pretzels a great fundraising product- because while we don’t necessarily go around thinking about pretzels, when we see a fresh pretzel stand, we invariably want one. These companies can help you with your fundraising campaign by giving you the means to set up a pretzel stand at your next fundraiser or to sell fresh frozen pretzels to your supporters so they can make them at home. Yummy! The companies below offer some quality pretzel fundraising programs which could be perfect for your next fundraiser.